New Year’s Resolutions for deeper self-awareness in the Year of the Pig, the symbol of wealth


We are experts in making innumerable New Year’s resolutions. Even if we know that only about an elite 8% of resolutions succeed, we enjoy making at least one resolution that is not in tune with our true nature. It is always hard to turn our visions into daily actions. All our vivid dreams of managing our finances better, spending more time with the loved ones, and becoming more productive, are evaporating in two-four weeks. But when we work on an unconscious level, rewiring the brain it is more easy, say researchers in social neuroscience. Building helpful habits instead of overly ambitious resolutions is the key to not losing steam. All our mental energy can be transformed with tiny habits. Repeated often, preferably daily, the new good habit is stored in your unconscious.

According to Dr. Wendy Wood, Provost Professor of Psychology and Business at the University of Southern California, “Habits are naturally brain-friendly, learned behaviors. You can do them quickly without thinking because they reside in your unconscious — once you get the hang of them. Habits help you preserve energy for heavy-duty thinking, including decision-making.”

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Revisit your goals constantly. There is no harm in adjusting your goals.

Are you doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Humans believe self-change is easy. This is how unrealistic, high expectations are born. Honestly assess if the goals really represent you or you were trying to achieve to meet someone else’s expectations. Rethink what is feasible and reassess goals with getaways that force you to detach from digital media in relaxing surroundings.

“I think the main reason why new year’s resolutions fail is people being unrealistic,” says Benjamin Gardner, an expert in behaviour change at King’s College London. “The other reason is people not necessarily being ready to change.”

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Planned to turn over a new leaf? Ask the universe.

Is it just a matter of tenacity or are other powers, energies, and connections at work? Get some numerology education for a journey to deeper wisdom. Numerologist, the most trusted source for numerology, is decoding the 2019. As numerology affects everything, the numbers governing our existence reveal much more about us and the year ahead than we want to accept.

There are countless powerful tools for building personal development skills that can be used to determine what universe is preparing for you in 2019, the Year of the Pig. Chinese Zodiac folklore says pigs are the symbols of wealth. Pigs’ chubby faces and ears are signs of fortune. Discover how the current alignment of the planets and numbers will affect you.

Coaching and the science of human behavior

When you decide to make a New Year’s resolution, you know that now you have to make a plan. Maybe it’s time to involve a third party or a coaching app. Forget New Year’s resolutions, get a life coach and the opportunity to create some changes in your lives. For beginning, adjust your environment for success by choosing one resolution that will make you truly happy. A  coach or a coaching app is effectively helping you create your own strategy for change. It provides you with a trigger, gives you immediate and long-term rewards, tracks your progress and offers social support and creates accountability.

How to deal with failure? Setbacks are inevitable. So be kind to yourself and plan for what you will do in the setback.

Whether it’s a mind, body and spirit break, or something more ambitious, there are wonderful ways to relax and to meditate  about how to keep a New Year’s resolution or to choose smarter actions. Take things step by step rather than making drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Humans are not accepting defeat easily. Everyone can prevent himself from feeling defeated by keeping the goals manageable and realistic. Are you ready for change?


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