New over-the-top game rooms. When immersion matters


924 belair gaming room

924 belair gaming room; photo: 924belair

A one-of-a-kind place to bond with your family and friends, the game rooms can be anything you want them to be. The recreational space shows off all the arcade-style amenities one could dream of. Game rooms are experiencing a renaissance and are tastefully incorporated into a high-end home’s décor and customized for the luxury homeowner’s age and preferences. The classic game rooms can include pool and cards tables, arcade games, a bar, a bowling alley, entertainment gadgets, sports materials like board games, plus sports memorabilia or anything that reflects the owners’ passions.

A game room where anything goes is the perfect place to bring back everything vintage, but is also a space where new tech inventions can thrive. The latest gaming hardware, software and accessories are making gaming more real-time and more immersive. The future of entertainment is, definitively, immersive as showcased by the latest CES inventions. Check this out …the exciting reveals coming out of the world’s biggest consumer tech show.


cybershoes; photo: cybershoes

These are the most interesting pieces of gaming tech we saw at CES 2019.

Finally, we can walk in virtual reality. The Cybershoes presented at CES 2019 is a high-end locomotion solution for a game room that lets you feel like being in an arcade. While walking, the user is halfway seated. The walking movement is very intuitive and the virtual space is not limited by real space. You can feel free to walk, run & strafe. Cybershoes can also be used for training, planning, and for medical purposes.

The premium Atari Pong Coffee Table can play the mechanical version of the classic ATARI Pong Game, stream your music, and charge your phone. The high-end tables merge together the high-tech mechanical engineering and the beloved game from the 70’s. Hide the control panels by closing the side covers, and enjoy a neat retro coffee table.

ATARI Pong Coffee Table

Atari Pong Coffee Table; photo: Atari Pong Coffee Table

Samsung came at CES 2019 with CRG9 – the world’s first high-resolution super ultra-wide gaming monitor built for a superior gaming experience. According to Samsung, the monitor “features AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR technology to reduce stutter, screen tearing and input latency to ensure the best possible frame rate and smoothest gaming experience.”

Equivalent to two 27-inch QHD 16:9 monitors placed side-by-side, the 32:9 super ultra-wide screen also provides ultimate multitasking flexibility assisted by PBP (Picture-by-Picture) functionality to allow two video sources to be viewed on the same screen.

DOF Robotics’ Hurricane 360 is a three-seat ride with VR functionality which includes 4D displays, virtual reality, and augmented reality to take the players off into a different world. “If you’re prone to motion sickness, says, the upside down flips and abrupt movements coupled with the immersion of VR may not be for you. But it sure does look fun, right? ”

Teslasuit VR bodysuit is now equipped with haptic feedback, motion capture, climate control and biometry systems. The haptic feedback system modulates a range of sensations, including soft touch, heavy and light impact, rain or wind-blowing. The system delivers precise sensations to the entire body and can also be used to stimulate specific muscle groups.

teslasuit inaction

Teslasuit VR bodysuit; photo: Teslasuit

“One of the challenges in attracting viewers to VR is that the experience still feels distant.” wrote “If you encounter objects in the VR world and you try to reach out, or through them, you don’t feel anything’s there. Solutions like the Teslasuit, Hardlight Suit and HaptX glove are also trying to address the lack of presence in VR through touch.”

A new VR / XR experience by Holoride x Audi is now turning cars into moving theme parks by adding XR with vehicle movement and navigation data. “Audi’s open-source approach for Holoride could be just what the company needs to help usher in a new form of travel entertainment. The platform could revolutionize not only in automobiles, but aircrafts, boats, practically any form of passenger transportation,“ explained


Holoride in-car VR entertainment; photo: audi holoride

Everyone can become a good ping-pong player by playing  with Omron Global’s Forpheus robot. For CES 2019, the table tennis robot has been upgraded. Using advanced AI technology to adapt each player’s skill level, Forpheus is now helping competitors improve their ping pong game and reach their full potential.

Luxury home and game rooms account for more than simply price. What the UHNWIs consider the most desirable features, amenities, and styles in prime property is always evolving. There will always be a place in the prime residential market for traditional game rooms, seen as places to catch up at the end of the day away from smart phones and VR/ AR technology.

OMRON Global

Omron Global’s Forpheus ping-pong playing robot; photo: OMRON Global