New Hermès Home collections play on raw and natural materials, incorporating unique fields of know-how


Contemplating materials / Objects of connection / Organic curves – Sillage d’Hermès

During the Milan Design Week 2021, Hermès colors, materials and know-how were expressed in a scenography offering remarkable graphic perspectives.

@Hermès collections revealed @Milan Design Week 2021

This year, Hermès materials continue to be a major focus for the new Hermès home collections. Through their intrinsic characteristics, they determine the shape of a line, a type of motif, and the design creation as a whole. According to the French luxury Maison, the materials “are vibrant and express something that is built up, that “demands” a transformation and encourages new uses.”

The new Hermès Maison collections embrace the simplicity of an elegance that gives way to refinement and comfort.

Oscillating between tradition and innovation, know-how is a fundamental part of Hermès’ creative process. Pushing back their limits and reinventing unique know-how by working with leather, textiles, metals and stone, while ensuring precise lines: the inquisitive soul of the artisan dreams of useful objects that transcend time.

Hermès Objects of connection are objects designed as connections between materials.

The welcoming softness of an armchair in paper microfibres is palpable, as is the elegance of white cashmere felt interspersed with golden threads, or the purity of a table in chiselled stone. The artisan’s meticulous designs and the magic of fire-based arts constantly evoke the hand that has shaped these objects to experience.

Sillage d’Hermès @Hermès

Organic curves – Sillage d’Hermès

This is an organically shaped, generously proportioned seat with distant origins, designed by Studio Mumbai. With a wooden frame, it is encased in an unprecedented blend made from cellulose microfibres. Striking a harmonious balance between innovative materials and age-old know-how, this robust and sensual totemic chair is hand-varnished and hand-painted, line after line, offering an intimate relationship with the material.

In the heat of the moment: Hermès Sialk

The Sialk table centrepieces, crafted from copper foil and coloured with stencilled enamels, are a real technical achievement for Hermès. Several applications and firings are needed to create these unique design pieces, which express a rich array of textures and contrasts after firing in a subtle balance between fused pigments and the rawness of the materials.