Neurogastronomy – the cuisine that excites the brain, and buds

Neurogastronomy – A Cuisine to excite the mind, as well as the palate
There is cuisine which aims to excite the palate, and cuisine to please the eye. Argentine neurologist-turned-chef Miguel Sanchez Romera, however, has another proposition: restaurant fare which, with originality and purity, awakens and excites the brain.

“My formula is sensory hyperrealism. It is the same as when you are painting something, or sculpting something that is hyperreal,” Sanchez Romera, who also studied fine arts but did not finish.

Just as an artist who works in a hyperrealistic style aims to provide a high-definition version of reality, Sanchez Romera said his 12-course prix fixe menu will offer patrons a heightened culinary experience, nourishing the mind as well as the body.

Chef Romera offers a pre-fixe tasting menu of hand-crafted, artisanal dishes designed to nourish the mind and awaken the senses. The materia prima is a guiding principle and source of inspiration for Chef Romera’s creations. The true flavors of the ingredients are essential in the search for a perfect harmony in cuisine. Romera’s mission is to find truth in absolute creativity from scratch while always looking towards nature.

Typical of the new style is one signature dish “Isis,” named for the Egyptian goddess of earth and vegetables. (Most dishes at Romera have names.) Sanchez Romera said he sees the dish — with its emphasis on strong flavors and natural colors, as emblematic current vision of his updated vision of what transpires in the kitchen.

The dish is comprised by 48 tiny dried squares of vegetables from beets to potato and spinach, served with even tinier micro-veggies – leeks, onions, cabbage, carrots.

The vegetables all get steam-cooked and stewed together, then cooked in a homemade vegetable broth, a simple yet at the same time complex preparation.

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