Nespresso opens unique boutique in Vienna with Coffee Lab, AR experiences and immersive rooms

@Nespresso Vienna

Nestlé-owned premium price coffee brand Nespresso launches a new flagship boutique designed to inspire and excite high-end coffee shoppers.

The striking flagship boutique in Vienna includes several innovations, such as a Coffee Lab where customers can explore the stories and expertise behind Nespresso coffees as well as, for the first time in a Nespresso boutique, learn about different ways to prepare and enjoy coffee – through a variety of brewing methods, including those beyond the Nespresso system. From summer 2021, the Vienna flagship will also introduce augmented reality (AR) experiences and an immersive room will enable visitors to digitally interact face-to-face with top chefs or engage with coffee farmers taking part in the brand’s AAA Sustainable Quality Program.

Piloting initially in Austria, with intentions to introduce the concept globally over the next five years, the new flagship boutique will bridge the gap between offline and online retail.

“Our boutiques play a key role in engaging consumers in the Nespresso brand universe. Even in the current context we strongly believe in the relevance and power of retail as a brand building channel, working in tandem with other channels such as e-commerce,” comments Jean-Christophe Jaunin, Global B2C Head at Nespresso. “Consumers seek immersive shopping moments, personal interaction with experts and more human connections than ever. Our new flagship boutique concept will bring an elevated coffee experience to them, combining sensorial excitement, excellent customer service and inspiring exchanges with our coffee specialists to deliver unexpected and personalized experiences.”


Nespresso said it has defined five customer-focused arts that will be reflected in the new flagship: Art of Design, Art of Coffee Savoir-Faire, Art of Sharing and Caring, Art of Circularity, and Art of Hospitality.

Within the Vienna flagship, Nespresso is also introducing café-inspired seating areas for sharing a coffee moment. The new luxury coffee store is showing visitors how Nespresso recycles its used aluminium capsules, upcycles and takes actions to preserve planet’s resources through interactive dashboards and a dedicated Recycling Corner in the boutique, where customers will be able to return their used capsules. For the first time in a Nespresso boutique, refurbished coffee machines will be sold.

For the new flagship concept, Nespresso has collaborated with retail sustainability experts, Quantum4, to ensure
sustainable furniture design, such as seating areas or product exploration tables, sourced to reduce the carbon footprint and minimise overall environmental impact. In addition, the flagship boutique is BREEAM certified, the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for infrastructure and buildings.

@Nespresso Vienna