Mykonos: The reasons why it is worth visiting at the beginning of Autumn


photo /Myconian Korali Relais & Chateaux

For most, the end of summer is synonymous with the end of the holidays, and it makes sense. However, some know how to take advantage of every season of the year through small or more significant excursions to the beautiful parts of Greece. So for those of us who belong to those who are “intolerant” of the suffocating atmosphere and crowds of the islands during the summer months, now is the time to discover them.

After all, there are many who believe that the beginning of autumn will be the “new August” in a few years, since it is undoubtedly the smartest choice and the ideal month for holidays, in places that summer – for better or worse – are not approachable, due to the thousands of crowds they get every summer season. So let’s get ready to enjoy this time of year, a “second summer”, one might say, with much better conditions, through the most popular and tourist destination of the Cyclades, Mykonos.


Discover the other “face” of Mykonos

Although most of our colleagues have already returned to the routine of everyday life, it is time to live an unforgettable experience, whether we belong to those who will now take their leave, or we are among those who are just planning a three-day fall getaway.

This season is ideal for breaking down all the stereotypes we have heard from time to time about the “island of the winds”. It is an island, which is characterized as the ultimate party island, with frantic fun, while at the same time, its name is synonymous with lifestyle. However, if we want to discover the right side of Mykonos, now is the time to prepare our luggage, “digging out” some of the most enchanting beaches of the Cyclades and finding much more affordable options for our accommodation and food.

The weather is perfect

If you are a little worried about the weather on the island, let’s just keep in mind, all those who say that autumn in Mykonos is an extension of summer, taking our favourite swimsuit and enjoying the turquoise waters of the island, away from the noise and crowds of August. At the beginning of autumn, it is the ideal temperature for swimming in the Aegean Sea, in all the beautiful beaches of the island, from which the visitors can choose whichever they like. As for the evenings, it is good not to forget to put in your luggage a long sleeve or a cardigan so that you can comfortably enjoy the coolness of the autumn breeze.

photo @Myconian Korali Relais & Chateaux

The festive atmosphere of summer never stops

However, it is good to keep in mind that Mykonos remains the island we all know and maintains its high standards throughout the year. Therefore, if you thought that there would be no activities on the island, you are wrong! Refreshing cocktails and delicate dishes are waiting for you to enjoy them, while correspondingly, the same happens with the beach parties in well-known beaches and bars, such as Super Paradise, which continue dynamically, without the crowds of summer.

Now is your chance to wander to one of the most popular and much talked about islands in Greece, creating your own impressions and experiencing your own unique moments. The crowds are gone, the water is still hot, and hotel prices are more realistic. So enjoy a few days of autumn on this beloved island with its narrow alleys, all-white houses with blue windows and crystal clear waters, which will make you really love Mykonos, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

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photo @Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos