MetaWeek Dubai 2022: Concrete Ways to Stay on Top of Metaverse Developments

Metaweek Dubai 2022 is discussing all things Metaverse, Transition From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 Solutions, Ethics, Governance and The Role of Metaverse.

The MetaWeek conference will take place on September 11-14, 2022. Thousands of web 3.0 enthusiasts and thought leaders from all over the world will convene in Dubai to set the future trends of metaverse applications.

After huge success in launching the first MetaWeek in early March 2022, NexChange Group presents the second edition of the large-scale international event, taking place September 11 to 14, 2022 in Dubai.

Metaverse, an avant-garde creation of the blockchain development world, even though being in its early innings, promises to deliver a trailblazing experience for millions of users and shake the world’s economy and innovative landscape. The market opportunity for launching the Metaverse may bring an annual revenue of over $1 trillion. Web 2.0 companies, tech giants like Facebook, have already picked up the Metaverse stance, raising questions on whether they will become centralisation proponents for Web 3.0 or not.virtual world

Breaking barriers between digital and physical space, Metaverse is best described as a virtual world with highly sophisticated visual and art experience and crypto based DeFi backbone, filled with self-governed communities, and powered by interoperable blockchain networks. Inside a Metaverse, users can share and store an unlimited amount of data, use self-sovereign IDs, play games and earn & trade digital assets, create limitless digital art pieces and play with NFTs and virtual goods, launch marketplaces – you name it.

Dubai has been accumulating regional efforts in the digital economy development and Metaverse adoption, with the implementation of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy and The Higher Committee for Future Technology and Digital Economy launched just recently. The strategy aims to increase the contribution of the Metaverse sector to the Emirate’s economy to $4 billion and to create 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030. With Web 3.0 leaders and up-and-coming start-ups moving to Dubai, the city is also attracting the brightest global talent in this field. Dubai is also the world’s first and only jurisdiction with the foresight to set up a dedicated virtual assets regulator.

Alongside Metaverse, essential financial and non-financial applications of blockchain will be covered during 2022 MetaWeek, a week-long event with a core 2-day conference and rich schedule of side events.

Empowering other technologies, blockchain creates a vibrant symbiosis of advanced tech. From a buzzword to a global financial and industrial game changer — it has undisputedly become part of everyday life. Transparency, immutability, security, privacy — all the benefits of blockchain & crypto are on high demand, and are constantly discussed both at a developer’s desk and at a regulator’s office.

Blockchain masterminds, NFT creators, DeFi spearheads, AI forerunners, artists, gaming tycoons, data analysts, Metaverse instigators and other experts interested in creating and nurturing the Web 3.0 world will converge to Dubai for major MetaWeek event, which will combine high-level offline networking and content and all-around metaverse experience. Blockchain and its computing power is the main pillar for global digital transformation, so the current state of blockchain industry and the variety of protocols and solutions for FinTech, enterprise, logistics, entertainment, asset tokenisation, IoT and AI will also become part of the 2-day conference agenda.

Jason Luo, CEO of BitForex: “Although we are in a period of uncertainty for the digital assets market, there are challenges and opportunities. The great potential of the industry and huge demands and interests coming from our users and investors towards digital assets and the financial industry are still exciting. BitForex has been committed to providing a convenient and diverse environment to welcome the next bullish market.”

The week-long event will culminate in a 2-day MetaWeek Summit, set for September 12-13, taking place at the Grand Hyatt Dubai hotel.

From regulatory efforts towards Web 3.0, to digital asset market trends, to gaming ecosystems, to digitisation of corporate infrastructures, to investment strategies, to DAOs and NFTs utilities and marketing – dozens of themes related to the world of Web 3.0 and Metaverse will be thoroughly discussed at the summit’s agenda.

“Metaweek proved to be very beneficial to after our attendance earlier this year where we went on to build multiple priceless partnerships and win Metaverse of the Year in Dubai” says Frank Fitzgerald, Founder of “We believe the Metaverse is not only for fun and business, but community building and education. Metaweek also represents this along with our mutual desire to make the Metaverse open for everyone. This is all why it was easy to say yes when they asked if we’d join them again in September.”

2022 MetaWeek Dubai Agenda:

Monday 12 September 2022 (GMT+4)

Main Stage

  • What is the future of the blockchain industry? The vision of Web3, NFT and Metaverse;
  • Spiritualism in Digital Age;
  • The Metaverse: Add Another Dimension to Your Business;
  • Game Development, GameFi and the Era of Metaverse: How to play, learn and earn;
  • NFTsation for Brands and Artists: From Collectibles to Marketing Tools;
  • Investing in Web 3.0: Do’s and Dont’s;
  • Sustainability Goals and Global Social Impact: How Technology Can Help

Open Stage

  • Investment Trends for Metaverse and Web 3.0;
  • The Metaverse: Designing A New Global Paradigm;
  • NFTs for Brands and Artists: Functionality, Uniquness, Utility;
  • Digital Fashion & Digital Fitness: Big Audience Impact and Big Industry Disrupt;
  • Media Brands & Metaverse: Paradigm Shift for PR & Generation Gap.

Tuesday 13 September 2022 (GMT+4)

Main Stage

  • Carbon Creadits & Web 3.0: Creating New Opportunities and Addressing Climate Change;
  • Metaverse Economy;
  • Move2Earn, Re-Imagining Fitness In the Metaverse;
  • Governments & Web 3.0 Adoption;
  • Digital Currencies Flow in Metaverse, Digital Asset Market Trends & Accessibility;
  • Blockchain Interoperability & Infrastructure for Metaverse and Beyond;
  • Phygitalism: How Artists Thrive in Metaverse.

Open Stage

  • Social Impact and SDG: Setting Pace for Better Future;
  • Metaverse Opportunities for Brands and Corporates.