Meet A New Fashion House For Dog Lovers Who Care About Fashion, Aesthetics, and Design

Where Fashion Meets Fur: Introducing FURB, A New Fashion House for Dogs and the Owners Who Spoil Them.


The founder of Lulus, Colleen Winter debuts a new lifestyle brand that carves out a new niche in the pet industry that is fashionable, minimal, modern, and affordable.

Furb is a one-stop shop for elevated pet essentials, offering stylish and functional products made to enrich the lives of pets and their humans. The FURB collection includes apparel and accessories, as well as aesthetically-pleasing and sustainable home goods from lush pet beds to hand-made dog bowls.

Luxury consumers and dog lovers rejoice! There’s a new lifestyle brand in town that brings fashion and style to our furry friends. Introducing FURB, a one-stop shop for elevated pet essentials that offers a range of stylish and functional products designed to enrich the lives of pets and their humans. With a focus on fashion, minimalism, modernity, and affordability, FURB is carving out a new niche in the pet industry.

The newly launched FURB collection encompasses a wide array of products, including apparel, accessories, and aesthetically-pleasing home goods. From fashionable pet beds to hand-made dog bowls, each item is meticulously designed and sourced to meet the fashion-forward lifestyle of pet parents. FURB products boast chic and intentionally curated styles, created using only high-quality materials to ensure both durability and style.


Behind this exciting venture is Colleen Winter, the founder and former CEO of Lulus, a prominent fashion brand. Winter and her team realized the importance of pets during the COVID-19 pandemic as they became closer to their furry companions. Inspired by this newfound bond, Winter identified an opportunity to introduce a different aesthetic in the pet industry – one that allows dogs to define their fashionable personalities while seamlessly blending with the individual styles of pet owners and their homes. Drawing on her extensive experience in the apparel market and after thorough research, Winter launched FURB, offering trend-setting pet products that take dog fashion to the next level.

“We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to FURB already – both the brand and our direct-to-consumer shopping experience, which has been amazing,” said Colleen Winter, the founder of FURB. “We constantly obsess over every detail of our products, with the aim of consistently elevating the everyday life of the fashionable pup; and their humans, of course!”

Not only does FURB prioritize fashion and style, but the brand also strives to make a positive impact.

With each sale, a portion of the proceeds is donated to organizations focused on animal welfare, helping dogs in need. Additionally, FURB offers a selection of eco-friendly products, such as dog beds that utilize locally-produced linings and the brand’s innovative FurbFill™ technology. FurbFill is a 100% recycled poly-fiber crafted from plastic bottles, demonstrating FURB’s commitment to sustainability. All items are made in small batches to minimize harmful production effects on the environment.

“We are so passionate about what we are creating; we just can’t stop designing new things. In doing our research, we noticed there is so much to improve on in pet categories, and we are so committed to pushing the industry forward,” Winter explained. “FURB is a brand for dog lovers who care about fashion, aesthetics, and design at a price point their owners will love, and we want to offer just that. We’re only getting started.”

With FURB, luxury consumers and dog lovers can now indulge their pets in stylish and fashionable essentials. This innovative brand not only caters to the needs of fashion-forward pet owners but also makes a positive impact through its charitable initiatives and dedication to eco-friendly practices.