LVMH Watch Week 2023: Bulgari’s Dazzling Jewellery-Watches Demonstrate Once Again That Time Is A Jewel

@Bulgari for @LVMH Watch Week 2023

Bulgari iconic watch designs meet daring techniques at LVMH Watch Week 2023. The Italian luxury house highlights at the global watchmaking event include new Divas Dream, Divas Dream Mosaica and re-imagined Serpenti ladies watches.

@Bulgari Divas Dream timepiece


With the joyful and vivacious Divas’ Dream timepiece, Bulgari celebrates the Roman art of living and the splendour of the Dolce Vita through the excitement of vibrant colours. Inspired by Rome’s Golden Age, the watch is embraced by bright and vivid gemstones, bringing to shine Bulgari’s unrivalled mastery with precious nuances. The art of jewellery and the art of watchmaking are united around the emblematic fan-shaped motif, an iconic aesthetic signature of the collection.

@Bulgari Divas’ Dream timepiece and @Bulgari Divas’ Dream Mosaica


A dazzling expression of Bulgari’s exuberant approach to jewellery-watches, the Allegra timepiece puts together a cocktail of colours brimming with surprise and joy. The gems explode in a variety of cuts, shapes and lively nuances, for an elegant yet vivacious effect. Extravagant and precious, the watch is a true jewel enchanting with its distinctive design and inimitable gem combination.

@Bulgari Divas’ Dream Mosaica Watches for Ladies 2023


Two precious new Bulgari Divas’ Dream Mosaica models express the full extent of Bulgari’s jewellery and watchmaking expertise. On the full-set dial, a fan-shaped pattern recalls the mosaics adorning Rome’s Baths of Caracalla, with a subtle sapphire gradient ranging from pale pink to magenta for the first rose gold version and from sky blue to deep azure for the second white gold iteration. Veritable masterpieces of craftsmanship, the creations recall the origins of the luxury Maison as the Roman Jeweller of Time.

@Bulgari Serpenti Watches 2023


Since its inception, Bulgari Serpenti has expressed perpetual rebirth through its sinuously elegant curves. Result of a new captivating metamorphosis, the Serpenti Tubogas Infinity timepiece sports a serpentine silhouette that continues from the watch case all the way to the bracelet, thanks to a refine gem setting. Artfully crafted like a second skin, the enveloping creation continues to celebrate the deep intimate bond between Serpenti and the one who wears it.

@Bulgari Divas Dream timepiece

@Bulgari Divas Dream timepiece