Luxury online retailer unlocks more complete lifestyle offering for high-end customers

The concept of fluidity has become a guiding principle in how the new generations redefine the world and experience it.

@YOOX new home décor + art category

YOOX expands online marketplace with the launch of new home décor + art category.

The marketplace, which launched in January 2022, signals YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s broader transition to a hybrid operating model, designed to enhance the luxury customer shopping experience.

YOOX, the world’s leading online store for high-end fashion, design and art and, part of YOOX NET-A-PORTER, continues to strengthen its robust product and brand offering with the launch of its new HOME DÉCOR + ART category. Initially launched in 2006, the category offers a meticulous curation of art and design products from globally and locally renowned home and design retailers, including MOHD and DESIGN REPUBLIC. As part of the launch and for the first time, furniture will be available to purchase, unlocking a more complete lifestyle offering for customers.

Housed on YOOX’s online marketplace, the category will see an increase of almost 10,000 products in the first two months of launch alone. Currently the marketplace features over 300,000 new products from 2000 brands across jewellery, ready-to-wear, accessories, footwear and now home décor for customers in Europe to choose from.

@YOOX new home décor + art category

“For over two decades, YOOX has been at the forefront of innovation, continuously pushing boundaries to create a unique shopping experience for its customers. YOOX was born as a one-stop lifestyle store, offering everything from fashion and accessories to design and art; with the launch of HOME DÉCOR + ART, we draw from our heritage roots, creating a holistic 360 degree lifestyle offering for customers, and enabling them to elevate their living space with some of the most renowned home and design brands.” – Valentina Visconti Prasca, Managing Director, YOOX.

Since launch, the YOOX Marketplace has received a positive response from both customers and brand partners and has driven additional traffic to YOOX, with nearly 20% of its customers being new to the online store. The integration of the marketplace also allows YOOX to continue to give emerging brands, such as Alohas, Maria La Rosa and Thais Bernandes a growing platform. To date, four times the initial number of brands have been onboarded.

The YOOX Marketplace is currently live in almost 30 European markets, with the highest volume of orders coming from Italy, Germany, Spain and France.

@YOOX new home décor + art category

Further expansion is set to follow in the US and Middle East. The YOOX Marketplace is part of YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s broader transition to a hybrid operating model; designed to enhance the customer experience, it enables the leading online retailer to swiftly adapt and respond to market trends and customer preferences, reaching new and existing customers with greater efficiency. The flexible nature of its hybrid model will also strengthen its relationships with prestigious brand partners across its online stores as it continues to expand its product and brand offering for millions of customers around the world.

In addition to HOME DÉCOR + ART, YOOX’s Kids category has also benefitted from the hybrid model, with an increase of over 70,000 products in the last three months from renowned brands including Kid’s Company, Monnalisa and Harmont&Blaine.

@YOOX new home décor + art category