Love the age you are: A new super serum is on a mission to revolutionise the lives of women over 50

‪#‎superrestorative‬: Special care for 50+.

clarins love the age you are - 2015 campaign

After 50, most women dream of reversing the effects of gravity on their face and body. A smile is precisely the upward movement of facial tissues which instantly makes the face radiant and welcoming. It’s the natural, most effective weapon against gravity and ageing. The second most effective remedy is an anti-ageing skincare strategy – a replenishing program for skin challenged by hormonal changes due to the ageing process.

A new wonder-product revealed by Clarins aims to make the faces of women over 50 more alluring than ever. Clarins’ Super Restorative range has a new member called Super Restorative Remodelling Serum. The mission of the new anti- aging product is to lift, replenish, reshape, redefine the skin, and reduce the appearance of age spots. Let’s see how this serum is defying gravity and is putting a smile back on our faces.

clarins supra serum

This new serum simultaneously combines three key “rejuvenating” actions: the resculpting of facial contours, a replenishing action and protection against age spots. It is the expert solution to the main visible signs of ageing which gives spectacular results.

Even skin lacking in vitality due to fatigue or age-related hormonal changes still has the inbuilt capacity to recover and bounce back. The Super Restorative Remodelling Serum combines three plant extracts that target the three main causes of skin ageing: Narrow-Leaf Plantain, Harungana and The Organic Montpellier Rock-Rose.

Narrow-Leaf Plantain extract preserves harmonious facial contours and has the ability to limit the melting of adipose tissue caused by ageing fibroblasts. The plant will slow the sagging of adipose tissue by preventing the degradation of the support network of adipocytes. The key ingredient in the Super Restorative range, organic harungana extract has the capacity to reactivate mature fibroblasts to visibly restore the skin’s density and youthful look. The production of collagen is stimulated and skin structure is gradually strengthened. The organic Montpellier rock-rose extract targets the main causes of age spots linked to changes in skin structure, while hexylresorcinol, a leading age spot correcting ingredient, is an effective action on the source of melanin production which has been proven in rigorous clinical tests.

The Super Serum combines effectiveness and pleasure through its texture that forms a network on the skin surface: it veils the skin, leaves behind a velvety finish, and comfortably reshapes facial contours.

clarins montpellier rock rose