Louboutin opens first US footwear store for men

Christian Louboutin to open first US store for men

Red-soled footwear designer Christian Louboutin will open first US store for men next spring in New York.
Last September Louboutin opened his first Paris boutique dedicated to men’s shoes.

“The men’s shoes only represent a small portion of the business at present but we think it has huge potential for the future,” Alexis Mourot, Louboutin chief operating officer, was quoted as saying.

Louboutin‘s current line of footwear includes Mikaraja Flat – an evening favorite of fashion industry editors, artists, and Louboutin himself. With embroidery detail finished by the House of Lasage, Mikaraja is the perfect accessory to decorate a tailored ensemble.

Christian Louboutin has teamed up with the House of Lasage to execute the elaborate embroidery detail of his loafers. Whether paired with casual denim or a tailored suit, there is no doubt that the hand stitched crystals and beads that decorate the loafer will add a touch of luxe to any ensemble.

Louboutin’s collecton includes also a two-tone satin “John John” derby for $895 and a black leather sneaker-like boot for $995 that features corset-like laces running all the way down to the toebox.