Jean-Paul Gaultier in La Perla team

Lingerie has a fleeting life. They have to impress in the first thousandth of a second and give the most delicate touch. When Jean-Paul Gaultier has teamed up with La Perla, lingerie instantly ignites passions.

With the support of Jean-Paul Gaultier, La Perla catalog proposes lingerie  of a great finesse and touch. Feuillage or Iconic Surpique pieces can be a delicate and luxurious choice, regardless of when La Perla will be offered.

La Perla was born in Bologna, Italy in 1954. The brand’s secret lies in the art of woven lace  thin as a spider thread. Indeed, La Perla uses tissue techniques inspired by ancient methods, able to recreate intricate patterns with a precision of a handmade lace.