Kim Jones and Donatella Versace switched roles. Thankfully, Fendace is just a collaboration



Fendace: Kim Jones and Donatella Versace are having a little fun and decided to switch roles.

@Fendi x @Versace; @Fendace show backstage

Fendi Creative Director Kim Jones and Donatella Versace switched roles to create two unique collections: Versace by Fendi and Fendi by Versace. Thankfully it was just a fun project to catch some attention and not a definitive brands fusion. Fendi sobriety was overshadowed by Versace flamboyance. Supermodels from the past four decades walked the catwalk for this historic fashion collaboration. Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, Emily Ratajkowski, Mariacarla Boscono, Gigi Hadid, Lila Moss, and many more helped Fendace became a reality.

Fendace show featured Kim Jones and Donatella Versace’s exceptional takes on the storied fashion houses Versace and Fendi.

 “It’s a first in the history of fashion: two designers having a true creative dialogue that stems from respect and friendship.” Donatella Versace about Fendi by Versace.

Fendi by Versace looks express youthful rebellion, seamlessly combining signature punk-rock accents – such as the iconic Safety Pins – with the Fendi FF

“Friends, idols, mentors… It’s the beauty of togetherness.” – Kim Jones about Versace by Fendi.

Versace by Fendi collection inspired by the brand’s archives explores the idea of duality through exquisite craftsmanship and unexpected hidden details. This collection will be available starting in May in both Fendi and Versace stores.

@Fendi x @Versace; @Fendace fashion collaboration

Unlike the recent “contamination” collections that saw two Kering brands, Gucci and Balenciaga, riff off each other’s codes, the ongoing Moncler Genius project or the countless other brand mash-ups done in the past, this pairing, wrote harpersbazaararabia, was the meeting of two Italian powerhouse brands that are still very much connected to the founding families.

According to lofficielusa, “Versace by Fendi is inspired by the second half of the nineties, a golden age for the brand founded by Gianni Versace, and is revised with the contemporary lexicon of the Fendi family. Versace’s Medusa meets La Greca built with Fendi’s FF monogram. On the contrary, Fendi by Versace is built with Donatella’s punk rock point of view, safety pins, and metal mesh dresses that combine with lace and the Maison Romana logo.”

@Fendi x @Versace; @Fendace fashion collaboration

@Fendi x @Versace; @Fendace fashion collaboration