The coolest new water toy is for everyone and every condition




When the world will start spinning again, nature will be waiting for you to explore.

Radinn, short for radical innovation, is creating waves since 2013, when the team embarked on a mission to make jetboarding available to anyone who hungers for action watersports – and to keep striving for faster, more radical, and safer ways to catch that thrilling ‘Radinn wave.’

Exploring Norway on the Radinn electric jetboards;

The Jetboard, or Electric Surfboard as many call it, is here to stay. 

Fusing the thrills of motor and water sports, jetboarding is the new craze when it comes to action sports. Take the breathtaking freedom that a surfboard gives you and infuse it with the adrenaline rush that motorsports evoke. The Jetboard, or Electric Surfboard as many call it, is here to stay.

Last month, the Radinn team ventured into the Norway cold in search of rivers and fjords to ride the electric jetboards.

“When the thermometer says -10 and there are two-meter high walls of snow on each side of the road you might not be thinking of electric surfboards. But the team kept pushing north, unafraid, embracing the conditions, craving adventure. On the other side of the mountain the snowstorm eased, and the sun came out. Illuminating what lay in the frozen fjord – the perfect ride,” said Radinn’s team.

The two board models in the company’s portfolio can be fitted with three different electric jetpacks and two battery-pack options. The standard battery ($ 2,850 USD/ Approximately 35 minutes ride time) delivers enough ride time to put a big smile on the face of the most seasoned riders. If you choose the Long Range battery ($ 4,650 USD/ Approximately 45 minutes ride time) you’ll get that extra ride time you need to really explore your surroundings and far beyond.

When you configure a Radinn jetboard you can choose between the Intermediate and the PRO jetpacks. And here’s an example of how it works. If you for example buy the G2X Intermediate you can switch between Easy and Intermediate in the app. If you buy the G2X PRO you get access to all three jetpack levels in the Radinn app.

The G2X Easy (available for free in the app) reaches 25 mph/40 kmh, making this the perfect setting for beginners and light riders. G2X Intermediate jetpack ($ 4,150 USD) can reach 30 mph/48 kmh with an easy controllable acceleration (recommended for thrill-seeking beginners to intermediate riders.) Jetpack G2X PRO ($ 4,950 USD) reaches 35 mph/56 kmh and is recommended for riders of all weights that crave radical speed and sick acceleration.

The Radinn Freeride comes with a promise of instant happiness. Due to a truly unique design the Freeride makes it really easy for first-timers to feel the thrill that comes with standing on a jetboard. At the same time it offers endless challenges and possibilities for intermediate to advanced riders.