Jet-setters, models and creatives reveal their hotel room rituals

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James Lindon, curator and co-founder of ArtStack
I have two obsessions when I arrive at a hotel: first, as a near-religious neat freak, I load up the poor bell captain with all of my shirts, jackets and trousers for pressing. Nothing is more luxurious than opening a hotel closet with all of one’s things beautifully hung behind tissue and plastic sheaths.

Second, I am a candy addict who resists this temptation at home, but unleashes the monster when travelling – I head straight for the mini bar to grab the M&Ms, chocolate-covered almonds and other goodies.

Rebecca Pearson, model and blogger at Modeltypeface
I work in fashion, so all that travelling for photoshoots can make me feel rootless – which is why I’ve developed homely rituals to ground me. Walking into a hotel room, I immediately put the kettle on, unpack my toiletries and arrange them nicely by the sink, and hang up my clothes. Then I settle down with my tea and read the room service menu to scope out the place!

Lucy Luscombe, video director
When working on low-budget projects, I find myself staying in some pretty odd joints. I usually look for a good spot to lie down on the floor with my legs up against a wall to stretch out. But the number-one luxury for me is music – familiar songs make even the strangest spaces feel like home(ish).

Mr Whisper, photographer and creative director
Having a centrally located hotel is key to my travel. The initial cost might be more, but in the long run you’ll save and it ensures a better experience. I always stay in a room with a view, because it makes me feel like I get an instant snapshot of the place I’m staying in.

Poppy Loves, travel and lifestyle blogger at Poppy Loves
I bring my trusty slippers, sometimes a familiar scented candle, always a few of my favourite teabags and a multi-plug socket splitter, so I can have my phone, laptop and camera all plugged in next to my bed, just like I do at home. It’s the little things.

Adam Groffman, travel blogger at Travels of Adam
I try to change into comfortable clothes as soon as I know I’ll be spending a few hours lounging in my room or getting ready for bed. A nice bath, something on the TV and a few hours relaxing in a comfortable bathrobe is the perfect way to wind down and feel right at home.

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