Is A Luxury Suit For All Occasions? Three Factors To Look Out For

Choosing the right luxury suit for the occasion is always a balancing act and requires careful circumspection. After all, you don’t want to stand out as being over or under-dressed, but you do want to stand out from the crowd. The right blend of style, colour and fit for one event will not necessarily be right for another. You need clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in, which compliment your style without writing any cheques you can’t cash.

So, here we take a look at three factors to bear in mind when choosing an outfit.

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Wool blend

The quality of the fabric in your suit jacket and trousers is an important factor to consider, especially if you bear in mind where you are going. Suits above the Super 140s measure of wool fibre finesse are lightweight and, therefore, perfect for a warmer climate. If you were attending a conference in the Bahamas, for instance, this might be a perfect choice. However, as these suits are finer-textured, they are more susceptible to damage and losing their shape, meaning that you may get less usage than you would from a thicker wool-blend.


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Super 100s or Super 120s blends make for more robust suits that stand the test of time. These are perhaps the best suits to wear day-to-day, such as when heading into the office or meeting with clients. Special events that call for a finer, lighter wool blend are perfect for the Super 140s+ specifications, as they do not have to be worn so often and can be safely stored until they are needed.

New trends

Whether you regard the latest fashions with satisfaction or suspicion, many of your clients and colleagues will be on the lookout for style slip-ups, fitting failures and fashion faux pas. This makes it important to stay on top of things, even if you would rather be doing something else with your time.

Fortunately for traditionalists, the classic three-piece suit is back in vogue. The three-piece exists in so many varieties that it is perfect for demonstrating your personality and style. The addition of the vest component brings the whole look together elegantly, contrary to the popular belief that they accentuate the appearance of the stomach. Properly fitted, the right three-piece is a crowd-pleaser at parties, events and socials.

Black tie or white?

Depending on whether you are attending a fancy dinner party or enjoying a day at the races, the suit you choose is important. Often (and quite helpfully) invitations to special events such as proms, balls and ceremonies will request ‘black tie’, which simply means that you should choose a tuxedo with satin lapels over a traditional evening jacket. Similarly, high-rollers like James Bond favor the tux, with luxury casinos being synonymous with the elegance that tuxedos provide. This connection is known to most, with even online casinos such as Grand Mondial reflecting this fashion choice in the style choices of their live online casino dealers. So, think about choosing black-tie on evenings where the festivities might take you to the craps tables.


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Your typical evening suit, which may well feature a button-down shirt or t-shirt, if a far better, more casual fit for social gatherings, nights out and birthdays. The jacket lapels and pockets on an evening jacket do not feature satin as they do on the tuxedo, while the material also carries less of a sheen in the light. This is a far more informal look that can easily be customised if you fancy trying something new.

Think carefully, when choosing your next suit, about the events that you will be wearing it to and whether it will stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. It is more than just a suit jacket and trousers; how you dress says a lot about who you are and how you like to express yourself. Consider material, trends and formality and you will find the perfect match.