Immortal Elegance: The Blazer. Past, Present, Future

The tailored blazer is of a venerable age, travelling through time as an enduring classic. For the non-discerning it is just a well-crafted jacket with soft tailoring and light durable fabrics. The incredibly versatile piece of clothing gives fashion connoisseurs options that a suit cannot. The almost two centenary suit-type jacket is still reflecting its historic boating club association roots. It has survived the test of time, changes and trends. From the ‘blazers’ of the Lady Margaret Boat Club (1825), the rowing club of St. John’s College, Cambridge, the sartorial term evolved to the modern blazer, now single as well as double breasted, and with special buttons.

This charming piece of a male’s attire, a must in a gentleman’s wardrobe, is now the perfect way to smarten up the weekend attire. You will find the blazer style in single breasted, but double breasted is most common.

Double breasted blazer  (pictured above) has its origins in the short double breasted jacket with horn/ brass buttons worn by sailors of the British Royal Navy in the nineteenth century, often called the reefer jacket. Some sources say that the name comes from the captain of the HMS Blazer, who created this type of jacket especially for the visit of Queen Victoria on the boat. Single breasted blazer comes from the sporting club jacket.

Pierre Cardin summed up his fashion credo saying: “I can go all over the world with just three outfits: a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel suit, and black tie.

In the past decade, the blazer saw many attempts to be rehabilitated in the male wardrobe and has undergone stylistic changes, being successfully adapted for different generations of stylish men.

The traditional colour of the iconic blazer is navy blue and its shades, and one of the most important feature is the existence of gold, bronze, silver, metallic or enamel buttons, a reminiscence of the naval birthplace of the first blazers. The buttons are the essence of a true blazer; without them the fashion item can be confused with a simple navy blue jacket.

The classic navy blazer has a controversial and interesting position in the men’s wardrobe because it is sometimes too formal for leisure and too chic for an office attire. So proper occasions to wear it remain few, but the blazer certainly possess a power of attraction. Wear it at informal outdoor events, sporting events, holiday parties, on the yacht and during the weekends. So you can reinvigorate your personal style even with a 200-year-old piece of British fashion history.

The journey of the blazer in the future fashion history

The blazer will always retain its position as a piece de resistance in the male wardrobe. As new luxury means a whole new level of customised experience, services, and indulgence with sustainability in mind, the philosophy is transmitted to this wardrobe piece. The stylish men will choose a variety of tailoring clothes, including the most luxurious one, achieving the ultimate expression of the sartorial preferences.

One blazer, four looks. The inspiring light addition to spring-summer 2014 wardrobe. By Dunhill.

Once again Dunhill proves they are peerless when it comes to delivering a classic blazer. This fully lined, single breasted two button Navy Cashmere Blazer in Dunhill’s St. James Fit can be worn in various formulations. The only constant of these looks it the blazer featuring slanted pockets, side vents and Silver vintage AD logo buttons. The warm and soft cashmere is known as a performance fabric,whilst being a lightweight material. The piece is both luxuriously soft and cool to the touch.

Worn with a dusty blue Sea Island cotton v-neck and green cotton check shirt, this classic will bring freshness to your look, certifying that it is the perfect staple for any gentleman’s wardrobe. Every man’s wardrobe should have a navy blazer. And it should fit like this.

For a smart weekend look, pair the navy blazer with slim fit formal grey trouser, aviator carbon fibre gold sunglasses, and a navy Prince of Whales scarf, a lightweight scarf crafted from the magnificent blend of cashmere and mulberry silk. Worn under an unstructured blazer this scarf will add a touch of sophistication.

For a laid back look while on the go, team the Navy Cashmere Blazer with dark navy engineered fit jeans and a timelessly handsome pink textured front knitted polo. Inject more pink hue into your colour pallete with a pink polka dot silk pocket square, an accessory which adds a mark of considered distinction.

Separates are kept smart with a plain poplin white shirt and complimentary navy microdots tie handmade from exquisite mulberry silk. To add some texture to reserved looks, don’t forget the white linen pocket square with navy trim.

The perfect navy blazer is plush yet practical when cut in crease-proof camdeboo mohair, called the ultimate travel blazer. The most exclusive mohair from the Camdeboo region of South Africa creates durable cloth with crease resistance and quick recovery qualities, so the blazer will spring back into shape.

The Custom Experience
“To attain style in dress, you must look perfectly happy and relaxed in your clothes which must appear part of you rather than a wardrobe you have just donned.”
– Hardy Amies

Fit and comfort are crucial when finding the right blazer. It has more to do with fit than anything else. It make sense to think about a bespoke piece made by a house with over 100 years experience in the world of luxury. A bespoke garment by a house like Alfred Dunhill will give also a sense of indulgence derived from knowing that it has been made for you alone.

During a private consultation, your requirements and the expert advice of the tailor will gave birth to a personalized blazer retaining the elegant English silhouette. The end result is a completely unique item crafted to match your own exacting standards.  Will you prefer the St James classic British silhouette where fit, comfort and elegance all play an equal part, or the contemporary fit of Belgravia?