Ideas for illuminating your outdoor space: Five ways to brighten pool areas

Anyone lucky enough to have a swimming pool in their garden or to have stayed at a hotel with a pool will appreciate the luxurious relaxation offered by water. Perhaps it’s because water is one of the four classical elements: water, earth, fire and air all of which the swimming pool terrace brings together within one integrated space.

A body of water surrounded by planting with perhaps a fire pit or a barbeque in the open air, it appeals to our primordial nature. Lighting the area whether it be for either domestic or hotel swimming pools extends our enjoyment of these facilities well beyond dusk.

@vibia bamboo collection


The Bamboo collection designed by Antoni Arola & Enric Rodriguez is ideal for swimming pool terraces surrounded by lawns and planted margins. That’s because the lights are inspired by the tall stalks of the eponymous plant, and include a large variety of fittings. Bamboo is perfect for defining hard landscaping areas and washing adjacent walls with soft indirect lighting.

@Vibia Meridiano collection


The pool terrace becomes an outdoor room in the summer and early autumn. Adding a few key pieces of furniture such as loungers and side tables makes it a great place to eat, read or socialise over drinks. This is where the Vibia Meridiano collection comes into its own. The floor lamp collection by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal expressed as a useful side table converts terraces and lawns into radial islands of light and shade. The effect is romantic and painterly.

@Vibia Palo Alto collection


Resembling a pared back tree silhouette the Palo Alto collection integrates organically with pathways, changes of surface or any other boundary that requires lighting around a pool. The lamp can be grouped or featured as a single angled profile recalling a slender stem. Designer Xuclà has come up with several models to suit larger and smaller pool terraces.

@vibia wind



Making the outside feel more like the inside Wind is a collection of oversized lamp shades that take on a familiar form made with a high tech material. Glass fibre cord is tightly wrapped around a metal shade to provide a porous textured light. Designer Jordi Vilardell converts pool areas into living rooms with Wind, soft lighting, exaggerated forms and chill out ambience.

@vibia empty collection


The folded concrete with concealed lighting of the Empty collection lends pool terraces and surrounding lawns an avant-garde aesthetic. Xuclà together with Vibia has conceived a lighting collection that is part furniture, part sculpture and part lighting feature. Empty is ideally suited for defining paths and pool terrace areas.

@vibia bamboo