IconCraft 24 – a Custom Recreational Day Boat with upscale amenities


Nothing is forgotten in this day-boat to make a simple ride an unforgettable moment. The new IconCraft24 will be present at 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival (11-16 September 2018). 

The Icon Craft 24 introduces the concept of a Custom Recreational Day Boat with upscale amenities and the constant desire to choose the best materials and the best equipment.

The DNA of the Icon Craft 40 is composed of innovation, design, comfort, space and seamanship. Conceived and designed as a yacht, it includes all the codes in a space of only 8 m.

Icon Craft 24 - 2018 - on sea

Icon Craft 24; photos: iconcraft.fr

“When we designed this boat with Marino Alfani and build it with Guilhèm Andre-Heriaud, we wanted it to be convenient, easy to use and safe for your family and friends. Nothing was to be left to chance, every detail is designed for the comfort and pleasure of everyone on board,” said Icon Craft Founder Cédric Labouyrie.

It is the first boat of this size to offer a surface cockpit of 10 m2 with folding sides, providing a huge platform to receive and enjoy the sea. Comfort and safety are also key assets of the Icon Craft with particularly wide side decks which are well protected to facilitate movement for the young and the elderly to the huge front sundeck and anchor equipment.

The central cockpit promotes safe and relaxed driving with perfect peripheral visibility. Driver and passengers enjoy comfortable and perfect security thanks to the windshield and a bimini top covering the table and two benches.

The Icon Craft 24 offers the possibility to board a jet-ski on board or any other toys chosen by its owner, it benefits from a powerful double outboard engine to optimize performance while releasing a huge space storage instead of the engine converted into a cradle for jet-ski or sunbathing.

Icon Craft 24 - 2018 - gallery-

Icon Craft 24; photos: iconcraft.fr

Icon Craft and Evinrude, is a coupling that combines performance, comfort, environmental friendliness and ease of use.

Motorized with 2 x 200 hp Evinrude G2, Icon Craft adapts to all situations. The propulsion outboard provides comfort in navigation, most notably at average speeds, with the ability to adjust automatically the tilt of the propellers.

The new engine generation Evinrude G2 is certified to meet the stringent standards of European lakes in terms of environmental friendliness. The pleasure of driving is not forgotten with mounted 2 Strokes V6 with electronic fuel injection.

The maneuvers are also highlighted with the new I-Dock joystick component of the new “Evinrude intelligent steering system”, it revolutionizes the low-speed maneuvers thanks to intuitive, integrated and affordable joystick technology.

Icon Craft 24 - 2018 - gallery

Icon Craft 24; photos: iconcraft.fr

Icon Craft 24 - 2018 - 01

Icon Craft 24; photos: iconcraft.fr

Icon Craft 24 - 2018 -

Icon Craft 24; photos: iconcraft.fr