How to Live and Travel in the Lap of Luxury


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They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but it can definitely give way to expensive items and experiences that bring more than just a smile to your face. Luxurious living for some can be equated to keeping up with the Kardashians, but for others, it’s all about priming their lifestyle to fit their individual interests and desires. Whether it’s wining and dining at the world’s finest eateries or sailing the seven seas in a sprawling white yacht, living in the lap of luxury is possible in every facet of life. We’ll give you the lowdown on how to assure you’re always living your best life, traveling in style, and relaxing in the most authentically upscale locales.

Mauro Colagreco, Restaurant Mirazur

Mauro Colagreco, Restaurant Mirazur; photo:


If there’s one thing that most people have no problem shelling out money for, it’s a good meal. With the millions of dishes, cultures, and flavors out there, there is never a shortage of exciting meals in your city, state, country, or continent. To tackle the top five following restaurants, you’ll need a few flights lined up, but trust us, each one is worth the trip and, shockingly enough, not based in Paris. Don’t forget to take pictures! Your Instagram followers will want to see what they’re missing, even if they can’t taste it with you.

5. Gaggan
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Average meal cost: $208
The chef: Gaggan Anand.

4. Eleven Madison Park
Location: New York City, USA
Average meal cost: $315
The chef: Daniel Humm.

3. Mirazur
Location: Menton, France
Average meal cost: $125 to $240
The chef: Mauro Colagreco.

2. El Celler de Can Roca
Location: Girona, Spain
Average meal cost:
The chef: Joan Roca.

1. Osteria Francescana
Location: Modena, Italy
Average meal cost: $295
The chef: Massimo Bottura.

Villa San Luigi - Buonconvento, Italy

Buonconvento, Italy Villa San Luigi; photo: airbnb Villa San Luigi


They say home is where the heart is, but when you have a few scattered around the globe, you’ll find your heart lies in a number of different places. The beauty of owning a home is that whenever you’re not occupying the space, you can rent it out to fellow lap of luxury seekers and generate a bit of passive income to fund those tasty meals. But be sure to run a background check on potential renters and check for any eviction history that may deter your decision.

When you’re traveling the world, you enjoy staying in luxurious hotels, but there’s nothing more intimate and private than an Airbnb. Check out these stunning homes the next time you plan a quick getaway—simply entering the front door is an experience worth writing home about.
Bali, Indonesia
The place: Jungle Dreams at Palatial Villa with a Grand Master Suite
The cost: $340 a night.

Buonconvento, Italy
The place: Villa San Luigi
The cost: $4,473 a night.

Paris, France
The place: Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière IV
The cost: $2,234 a night

London, England
The place: Clerkenwell Cooperage
The cost: $2,672 a night.

Aspen, Colorado
The place: Galena Townhouse
The cost: $5,500.



Modes of Transportation

Finding a good way to get around town or around the world isn’t difficult, but finding the best transportation is a different story. Each year brings a wave of new and exciting technology that promises even higher quality luxury cars, jets, yachts, and more. Here are a few of the best modes of transportation 2019 has to offer—make sure you have space in your garage and on your docks for these big beauties.

The Sleekest Yacht: Galileo 62
She may not be finished until 2022, but Galileo 62 is already one of the markets hottest yachts up for sale. Capable of
accommodating 14 guests, this 62-meter long yacht is a proud creation of builders Admiral – The Italian Sea Group.
The cost: $67 million.

The Sportiest Car: McLaren Speedtail
The future is now with the McLaren Speedtail. The unique design, plus the fusion of science with art, give this sports car a certain edge we’ve never seen before. As the fastest McLaren to date, fans of the brand and fans of speed will be delighted to hear this kitty purr.
The cost: $2.24 million.

The Swankiest Jet: Bombardier Challenger 350
Upgrade your depreciating jet to a classier aircraft. The Bombardier Challenger 350 takes sky travel to a new level. Furnished with a gorgeous leather interior and wood finishes, this jet takes you where you need to go faster and more comfortably than ever.
The cost: $3.9 million.

Life is too short to be spent eating mediocre food or getting carted around in less than optimal vehicles. Living in the lap of luxury is only a few card swipes (and flights) away.

galileo yacht by admiral shipyard

Galileo 62 yacht; photo: admiral shipyard