How Many Types of Sofa Can You Name?




Hampton Sofa

Hampton Sofa; photo @distinctivechesterfields

If you’re asked to think of a sofa, chances are you’ll picture a kind of generic-looking seat with cushions and a comfy shape. But did you know there are over 20 different kinds of sofas – and that’s only the main styles? Many other variations of these main styles make up the entire sofa collection.

The wealth of choice on offer makes choosing your new sofa a tricky prospect. But whether you’re looking for a classic chesterfield sofa or a modern fabric couch, there’s bound to be something here that suits your style. We take a look at the main sofa types in our sofa style rundown.


The Paris Chesterfield Sofa; photo

1. Chesterfield Sofa

Looking for a classic style? One of the most iconic sofas you can buy is the Chesterfield. This type of sofa is known for its tufted or studded design on the arms or on the back of the seat. It is often created in rich leather and is suited to rooms with a timeless appeal.

Sectional Sofa 2019

photo @distinctivechesterfields

2. Sectional Sofa

As the name suggests, the sectional sofa is split into a number of different pieces, which can be set into different configurations in order to suit your room. You will commonly recognise the L-shape sofa and the U-shape. These are sectional couches.

distinctivechesterfields Mid-Century Sofa

photo @distinctivechesterfields

3. Mid-Century Sofa

Also known as the mid-century modern, this is a classic design staple that has graced living rooms since the 1930s. This sofa has clean lines and a fresh look. It may not be squishy or overly comfortable, but it will look great in most rooms.

English Sofa 2019

photo @distinctivechesterfields

4. English Sofa

Also known as the Rolled Arm sofa, this style is all about the arms (as you would expect.) It has a high back coupled with relatively low arms, which are cushioned for extra comfort.

FULHAM SOFA - Bridgewater Sofa

FULHAM SOFA; @distinctivechesterfields

5. Bridgewater Sofa

Again, the arms on this popular sofa style are set at a lower position than the back of the sofa. This gives it a classic look. The Bridgewater sofa is a staple rather than a design classic, and while it is not the most imaginative choice it still serves a purpose.

Baker Archetype Camelback Sofa

Baker Archetype Camelback Sofa; photo @sothebyshome

6. Camelback Sofa

The camelback sofa has a distinctive look – the back of the sofa arches up in the centre and then drops in a fluid line to both arms, making the “hump”. It often has wooden legs and may also have a wooden top feature at the back.

paris-chaise-longue by distinctivechesterfields

paris chaise longue; @distinctivechesterfields

7. Chaise Lounge

You’ll probably recognise the chaise lounge if you see it. It is a grand and smart sofa which may or may not have arms. It is the ideal choice for elegantly lounging, whether that’s by the pool (a lot of pool furniture is shaped in a chaise lounge style) or in a classic drawing room.

There are many more sofa styles available, from modern to timeless classics. When buying a sofa take a look around at various retailers in order to get the full picture of what’s on offer. There’s no right or wrong sofa – it’s all a matter of personal taste.

Arnie Sofa

Arnie Sofa;