High-End Carpentry – How It Can Totally Transform Your Home





Carpentry is one of the oldest professions in the world, as wood was one of the first materials used by mankind for building and crafting. Some of the earliest known forms of the skill date back to around 7,000 years ago and were found in eastern Germany. It evolved into an art form in some cultures, and there are some truly spectacular pieces of work in existence. There are even some big names on lists of famous carpenters, including Jesus Christ. High-end carpentry looks lavish and impressive around the house, and there are some companies out there which specialize in creating stunning pieces of work.


Robert Carpentry ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK & LUXURY MILLWORKl @robertcarpentry.com/portfolio

One of the best-known luxury carpentry firms in the USA is Robert Carpentry, and the business has been around for many years. The custom woodwork corporation is based in Miami, Florida, and superior craftsmanship has been a tradition in the Martinez family who have owned the firm for over four generations. The reputation has grown over time, but the company has also had to deal with many changes in the industry. Nowadays, proper certification and insurance are essential for anyone wanting to get into the business, but back when Robert Carpentry began these things were unheard of. Currently in the industry, carpenter insurance is required to protect against lawsuits that may come about from accidental damage to customers’ property or an injury happening while working on a site.

Robert Carpentry operates on many different aspects of luxury houses, which is why they have risen to fame in the US. They have operations which include design services, consultation, custom fabrication, installation, and completion. They work with home and business owners as well as architects, and their years of experience have allowed them to gain some of the top contracts for high-end residences.

Wendell Castle - Lady-Midnight

Wendell Castle Lady Midnight Chair; photo source@carpentersworkshopgallery.com

While using a company like Robert Carpentry is a good idea for those who want lavish installations all around their homes, looking at work from renowned carpenters is an option for individual decorative pieces. One of the most important people in the US in terms of getting carpentry recognized as an art form was Wendell Castle. The Kansas-born designer, architect, and furniture maker is credited as the founding father of the American crafts movement and has influenced a great deal of others in the industry.

Castle saw furniture as art, and his work was as powerful as sculptures in the way they showed a tension of opposites and a mixture of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. The 2007 Modernism Lifetime Achievement award recipient’s chairs and tables are the pinnacle of stylish exuberance and would look incredibly scattered around a well-designed luxury home. After the artist passed away in 2018, his creations became even more expensive and sought after by wealthy homeowners.

A combination of a design theme throughout the staircase, window frames and other fittings in the house, along with furniture created by top carpenters is a surefire way to elevate the extravagance of a house.

Wendell Castle -coming-together-table

Wendell Castle Coming Together table; photo source@carpentersworkshopgallery.com


Robert Carpentry ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK & LUXURY MILLWORKl @robertcarpentry.com/portfolio


Robert Carpentry ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK & LUXURY MILLWORKl @robertcarpentry.com