Glamping with Bubble Tree: eco-tourism in transparent luxury tents

Galaxy Hotel, or how many stars you want
A magic space, a dream, an unusual night under the stars.

Spend an original night within a transparent bubble in the nature?  How would you fancy drifting off to sleep under the glow of the stars with the romantic city of Paris just a few kilometres down the road. This is an idea put into practice in glamping style (glamorous camping) near Paris, at the Chateau de Malmaison, home to Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon’s wife.

The place is ideal for an escape in nature to a five star hotel, but one quite different. “Bubble Tree” for a basic price of 189 euros a night, the champagne and music will be charged extra.

And my room? This is actually an innovative bubble tent filled with air, with a generous transparent portion to admire the night sky in all its splendor. Bubble Tree design allows air circulation and is condensation-free. “Bubbles” can be recycled and are “friendly” with the environment.

Glamping (glamorous camping in yurts, safari tents, tipis, lodges, luxury tents, wooden wigwam) is a transposition of the eco-friendly idea of sleeping outdoors. This kind of eco-tourism is preferred by those who want a close communion with nature – a “green” holiday.