Give Your Dog a Taste of Luxury


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Everyone enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle, pets included! While you’re planning your next long-haul getaway or indulging in a little retail therapy, think about how you can give your pet a taste of luxury too. Whether you own a well-groomed Bichon Frise, a bouncy Labrador, or a refined Afghan Hound, there are numerous ways you can treat them to something special. For inspiration, take a look at these six ways to give your pet a taste of luxury:

1. Buy Them a New Wardrobe

A new wardrobe doesn’t just mean you’ll have the best-dressed pet in town, it can also ensure that your pet is warm, comfortable and protected from the elements. Dog boots are ideal in cold weather, for example, as they protect the pads of your dog’s paws from snow, ice or grit. When used in the summertime, you can also reduce the risk of your dog’s paws getting burned on a hot pavement.

2. Take a Pet-Inspired Vacation

If you want to travel the world, what’s better than taking your pooch along for the ride? When you travel by private jet, you can arrange to have your dog travel in the cabin with you, which means they won’t need to be booked into the hold. Alternatively, you can always plan a luxurious staycation if you want to treat your dog to some downtime, without worrying about inoculations and long-haul travel.

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3. Upgrade Their Food

Feeding your dog high-quality food is an essential, rather than a luxury, but it’s always a good time to reassess your dog’s needs and decide whether you could be feeding them something better. For many dogs, a raw food diet is a great option, particularly if you want to avoid giving your pooch preservatives and additives.

What’s more – Bella & Duke create 100% natural raw food for puppies, adult, and senior dogs. If you want to ensure that your dog enjoys a little luxury in their old age, this guide to raw senior dog food from Bella & Duke explains why it could be just what you’re looking for. Even if your dog has been fed processed food until now, transitioning to a raw senior dog food diet with Bella & Duke offers a lot of benefits, such as improved well-being and reduced joint discomfort.

4. Treat Them to a New Bed

If your dog loves reclining on your king-sized bed, why not treat them to something special of their own. A luxurious dog bed, including a divan base and supportive mattress, is the ultimate accessory for any pampered pooch, so why not find the perfect bed for your beloved dog? After all, adult dogs tend to sleep for around 10-14 hours a day, so it’s only right that they have a comfortable, warm, and high-quality mattress to snooze on.

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5. Plan a Day Out for Your Dog

If you want to indulge your pet, there’s nothing better than planning a special day out just for them. From a trip to their favourite place or a walk on the beach to buying them a new toy or hosting a playdate with furry friends, you can put a smile on your dog’s face just by making them the centre of attention for a day.

When it comes to keeping your dog happy, spending time with you is always going to be their number one choice, so
incorporate activities and adventures that maximise bonding. Whether you’re working on your dog’s recall, throwing a ball for them to fetch, or snuggled up on the sofa watching movies, your pooch will be happiest when they’re close to you.

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6. Book a Doggy Massage

As well as keeping your dog well-groomed, you can treat them to a luxurious massage from time-to-time. Not only will this help your pet to feel more relaxed, but it can also help to reduce signs of stress. If your dog is a little nervous or fearful, a regular massage can help them to feel calmer. In addition to this, if your dog experiences on-going joint discomfort, arthritis, or joint stiffness, massage can help to ease their pain and increase their flexibility.

Although you can take your dog to a salon or groomers for a doggy massage, this is something you can also learn to do yourself. When you’re able to massage your dog, you can help them to relax and enhance their well-being at any time.

Improving Your Dog’s Quality of Life

There’s no doubt that dogs love a taste of luxury, but their opinion of an indulgent treat might be very different from yours. While a designer coat or premium lead will certainly ensure your dog steps out in style, a decadent day of one-on-one time will be just as good – or better – in your dog’s eyes. By seeing the world from your dog’s perspective, you’ll find it easy to understand their needs and improve their quality of life.

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