Get an insight into making lace lingerie at London Craft Week 2016

Lace-making at Eres during London Craft Week 2016.

eres 2016-leavers lace

The lingerie styles conceal a horde of technical details such as chain stitching and flat assembly of pieces. Get an insight into making lace lingerie, with demonstrations and a talk hosted by one of Eres’ makers.

Along the years, classic fabrics such as Tulle or Jersey Lumière have been highlighted by the artisans’ creativity. These lines play hide and seek with the silhouette, and can be worn day and night for a second- skin effect.

It is hand in hand that the creative studio and the Calais and du Puy lace makers work together on the lace fabric, to modernize it and add new graphic inspirations. The Leavers Lace, one of the most luxurious fabrics, is created on the Leavers loom, developed more than two centuries ago to elaborate the most fine patterns and details.

From the original sketch to the minute work of threading, the creative studio and the artisans weave together every chapter of the Eres lace story. Year after year, they dream and imagine new exclusive patterns for the different models.

Like with an artist’s palette, the colours of the line are then chosen and developed exclusively, infusing it, one last time with the touch of savoir-faire and poetry that defines the Eres lingerie.
“Lace-making at Eres” @ London Craft Week 2016
10:00 – 17:00
03 May 2016
Eres, 12-13 Burlington Arcade, Mayfair, London, UK.

Eres stretch-Leavers lace bodysuit eres 2016-leavers lace body- eres La Pagode Sacre Coeur Leavers lace and stretch silk-blend satin soft-cup bra eres La Pagode Richelieu Leavers lace-trimmed silk-satin playsuit- eres 2016-leavers lace body eres La Pagode Richelieu Leavers lace-trimmed silk-satin playsuit eres Batignolles Honoré stretch-Leavers lace and stretch-jersey bodysuit eres 2016-leavers lace-