From a Digital Door Lock to a AI smart screen: 5 Smart Home Devices awarded with Red Dot Design Awards 2022

Red Dot Awards Gala

The Red Dot Award is an international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts. Red Dot Awards are some of the most prestigious awards in the design industry.

Every year, the Red Dot Award: Product Design sets out to find the year’s best products. The products selected by the Red Dot Jury to win an award may be aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative, but what they all have in common is their outstanding design.

@Smart Facial Recognition – Digital Door Lock by @HDC LABS, Seoul, South Korea

Smart Facial Recognition – Digital Door Lock by HDC LABS, Seoul, South Korea

Developed for more comfort and security, this smart digital door lock recognises authorised users and opens the door for them. Its facial-recognition camera can also help allay safety anxieties: a black-box function takes pictures whenever there is suspicious movement in front of the door. Also, this facial-recognition door lock is connected to the automatic opening and closing mechanism to allow for completely contactless access. Its design conveys a notion of luxurious simplicity.
Statement by the Jury

“The smart lock achieves its goal of providing more security at the front door with modern technologies and with a design that speaks to high-quality of form and material,” – Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury

@Wis001 Home Robot by @Midea Group

Home Robot Wis001 by Midea Group

Wis001 is a smart home platform that can be used to control household appliances and smart home functions centrally. The robot uses artificial intelligence to learn and thus to adjust settings independently. It also serves as an entertainment platform and monitoring system for home security. The robot is controlled via a large touchscreen in the “face” area.

“Its sleek, human-like design as well as its intelligent functions mean the Wis001 blends harmoniously into and enriches everyday family life,” -noted Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

– @Intelligent Security Suite by Ultimate IOT

Smart Home Security Devices – Intelligent Security Suite by Ultimate IOT

This collection of smart home security devices comprises door and window safety sensors, gas alarms, smoke alarms, micro motion sensors, water leakage sensors, cameras and other products. All of these different products are based on a shared design concept characterised by a minimalist design approach. The combination of rounded shapes and puristic surfaces in white and grey creates a calm appearance.

“The smart home security products in this range display an impressively consistent design language. Their minimalist lines allow them to integrate seamlessly into any surroundings,” – wrote Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

@Carol Smart Panel by @Ultimate IOT (Shanghai) Technology

Carol Smart Panel by Ultimate IOT (Shanghai) Technology

Carol is a high-quality touch switch that focuses on simplicity and intelligence. The icon touch area signals functionality and interactivity of the product and keeps a very good balance between form and function. Its design, reduced to the essentials, the robust glass surface and the rich colours lend the product a modern charm. The app enables users to adjust even the brightness of the backlight to avoid light pollution and provide more comfort of use.

“The Carol smart panel impresses with its high material quality and a well-thought-out functional concept of versatile usability.” – commented Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

@AI smart screen-A13: Intelligent Central Control Panel by by Ultimate IOT (Shanghai) Technology

AI smart screen-A13: Intelligent Central Control Panel by by Ultimate IOT (Shanghai) Technology

This minimalist-design series of smart home controls consists of large and small screens that replace the traditional control panel. They are operable in various freely choosable interactive modes such as by voice, touch or gesture, have an integrated gateway function and enable control of smart devices throughout the house. Control can be decentralised so that each user has their own access to the central control panel, allowing them to use the smart-home functions in the house via mobile phone or tablet.

“The intelligent control panel combines the latest technology and flexible, decentralised control options into a product of cutting-edge functionality.” – Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.