Five Ways You Can Make Your Bathroom a Spa Getaway



The bathroom is the place where you retreat after a busy day. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you make it a haven of peace and serenity by transforming it into your own personal spa. It is important that you leave the house rejuvenated after a warm shower and relaxed in the evening after accomplishing the day’s tasks. All this can be achieved by making some positive changes to your bathroom. Booking a spa session can be quite hectic and
expensive. Bring the spa treatment into your own bathroom. In this article, you will find some of the ways in which you can make your bathroom a spa getaway.


Decorative Shelves

Add some open shelves to your bathroom where you can place some bathroom items such as soaps and hang
towels after use. These shelves update the design of your bathroom, especially when things are well arranged on the
shelves. In addition, the open shelves help you maximize the space available in your bathroom and thus make a
small space feel bigger and more comfortable. Also, you can arrange your essential bathing oils perfectly on the
shelves where you can easily access them as you anticipate that warm and relaxing bath.

Bathroom Faucets

Add some bathroom faucets to your bathroom sink and tub to bring in a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom. Add vanity faucets to your bathroom sink to bring out the general design of the sink. In addition, choose bathroom faucets that complement the bathroom décor for the purposes of uniformity. Having high-end faucets in your bathroom can positively impact the atmosphere and give you a spa-like feeling. Have two faucets installed in your tub, one for warm water and one for cold water. This will help you achieve the required water temperature you desire for a relaxing bath.

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Adding candles to your bathroom is one of the best ways to transform your bathroom into a spa getaway. Scented candles release some nice smell as they burn away, which improves the bathroom atmosphere. Also, scented candles allow you to experience aromatherapy which allows your body to relax. In addition, candles are a source of ambient lighting which helps you distress in peace. Using candles in your bathroom is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways of improving the atmosphere of your bathroom. Get a mixture of candles of different colors to help you enjoy a variety of ambient color lighting in your bathroom.

Make the Floors Safe and Comfortable

You can achieve this by adding rugs to your bathroom. Rugs add an elegant touch to your bathroom while bringing in
comfort as well. Rugs make it safe for you while in the bathroom while keeping your feet warm from the cold
bathroom flooring. Go out of your way and get an exotic rug and experience a new culture in your own home. In
addition to their comfortability, these rugs are luxurious and can change the look of a bathroom of any size.

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Revamp Your Bathroom Walls

Artwork is common in other rooms, such as the living room and bedrooms. Bring in some marvelous pieces of art
into your empty bathroom walls and witness the transformation. Art adds a welcoming touch to your bathroom while improving the overall design.

In addition, use a nice color for your bathroom walls. Colors with several hues such as grey will complement the
design of your bathroom and bring a luxurious and spa-like feeling. Dull bathroom colors can alter your mood which
may also affect your experience in the bathroom. Therefore, make your bathroom quite lovely by incorporating nice
wall colors.

Also, place a mirror on your bathroom walls. Mirrors bring along an exquisite look to your home and also make a
smaller space appear large. Add a round mirror that will reflect the light evenly within your bathroom. The mirror is a cheap decorative feature that is guaranteed to boost the ambiance of your bathroom.

All the above are some of the best ways in which you can transform your bathroom into your personal spa. Add some
or all of the above items to help you enjoy your next bath.