Finest Eaux-De-Vie: Martingale Cognac Delivers a Fresh Take On Cognac. What This Means for the Industry

Martingale Cognac, Rooted in More Than 100 Years of Tradition and Craft, to Launch in the US this Fall.

@Martingale Cognac Founders (L-R): Amaury Thomas, Guillaume Thomas, Andrew Weir

Fourth-generation custodians and industry veterans double down and deliver a fresh take on Cognac to honor a family legacy.

Martingale Cognac: Redefining Tradition with a Fresh Approach to Luxury Spirits

This fall, prepare to embark on a sensory journey as Martingale Cognac launches in the US, introducing a new generation to a fresh and fragrant style of Cognac. With a rich heritage rooted in more than 100 years of tradition and craftsmanship, Martingale represents the culmination of the vision and dedication of Guillaume Thomas, Amaury Thomas, and Andrew Weir, who are fourth-generation custodians and industry veterans.

Drawing inspiration from their grandfather’s legacy and his pursuit of excellence, Guillaume and Amaury, the founders of Martingale, have nurtured one of the most coveted domaines in the Cognac appellation. Despite their century-long history of crafting exceptional Cognac for prestigious houses, Martingale marks their first-ever branded consumer product. It is a testament to their commitment to honor their family’s tradition while embracing innovation and creativity.

Guillaume, a veteran executive from Pernod Ricard, shares the family’s story and their aspiration to create an exceptional Cognac. “Our grandfather, Raymond, was a true visionary and entrepreneur. He played a significant role in sustaining the protected status of the Cognac appellation after the war. He found his own martingale, his recipe for success, through hard work, genuine relationships, and the craft of Cognac making. While he couldn’t embark on this journey himself, he entrusted us as the next generation to carry forward his legacy and create an exceptional Cognac from our own estate.”

Amaury, an agricultural engineer, has meticulously managed the family operations in Cognac for over a decade. He emphasizes their commitment to selecting the finest eaux-de-vie from their vineyards and distilleries to craft a unique blend that reflects the tastes and preferences of today’s generation. “In honor of our grandfather’s legacy and our ongoing success in Cognac, we have decided to blend, brand, and bottle some of our finest eaux-de-vie. Our selection encompasses the top four crus in the region, resulting in a distinctive blend that offers a fresher and more fragrant style of Cognac.”

Collaborating with Guillaume and Amaury, Andrew Weir brings his expertise in luxury spirits marketing and brand building to elevate the Martingale experience.

Recognizing the opportunity for innovation in the Cognac category, Andrew is excited to introduce Martingale to the world. “Compared to other spirits categories, Cognac has seen relatively lower levels of innovation. Martingale is uniquely positioned to augment and disrupt this iconic category. I’ve always been drawn to genuine stories, and Martingale’s story is incredibleā€”from the vineyards to the distillery, the family chateau, and their unwavering commitment to quality. We are thrilled to share this story and exceptional liquid with the world.”

The Martingale vision has attracted a diverse group of investors who share a passion for excellence and the belief in the brand’s potential.

With their initial investments and the strength of the business plan, Martingale is poised to make a significant impact in the luxury spirits market. Guillaume expresses his gratitude, stating, “Our motivated team and extended family of investors have shown immense confidence in the opportunity before us. We have created a global alliance of passionate individuals eager to embark on this exciting new chapter. This year, we will honor my grandfather’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit with the unveiling of Martingale.”

As the anticipation builds, Martingale Cognac promises to captivate discerning palates and redefine the boundaries of luxury spirits.

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