FAB Design Spidron – a souped-up version of the Lamborghini Aventador

FAB Design Spidron presents a modded Lamborghini Aventador.

The large Lamborghini is even more angular and unique than it was before thanks to FAB Design’s Spidron, a modded Lamborghini Aventador, which had its world premiere at the 84rd Geneva International Motor Show. The unique aerodynamic package and the additional 70hp are coming in a lime green muscular package by Swiss car modifier FAB Design.

In the process FAB Design has managed to combine two apparent contradictions: On the one hand the engineers have realised an unmistakeable conversion which has the typical FAB genes. However, at the same time the design department has kept the lines of the Aventador and remained true to them. The triangular form is consistently the dominant style
element of the new bodywork.

Alongside the side skirts it is especially the completely reworked rear apron which makes up the new character of the FAB SPIDRON. A central element in the midst of the triangular arrangement is the new stainless steel exhaust tailpipe which is divided into four. The strikingly designed rear spoiler completes the FAB bodywork, which was made completely
from glass fibre reinforced composite materials and in addition stands out from the crowd with the paintwork in Verde

The performance has also been refined. An optimum control unit configuration and specially adapted sport air filter increase the performance of the FAB SPIDRON to 730 hp (537 kW) instead of the series 700 hp (515 kW).

The single optimisation in the interior is functional through and through. FAB DESIGN have added a steering wheel designed according to ergonomic principles, in which thanks to the air bag even the safety does not come up short.

In the summer of 2014 FAB DESIGN will present another highlight of bodywork construction, announced the company. Then for the first time a wide-body version Lamborghini Aventador will be presented to the public, which is currently in development.

Not just the components of the FAB bodywork demonstrate technical progress. Also the light-alloy wheels are a masterpiece of engineering design. The aluminium will namely not be cast as usual but compacted so much during the forging process that no more air inclusions remain in the material. Thus high-performance wheels are produced that
despite their low weight possess enormous strength and can even bear the most sporty of loads without any problems.

FAB Design’s Spidron is available from June, 2014 for €430,000 (around $592,000) plus tax.