From Elites to the Masses: The Exclusive Watches And Wonders Opens Its Doors To The Public For The First Time

Reserved for the Press, retailers and guests of the exhibiting Maisons during the first five days, the Salon will, for the first time, be open to the public over the week-end.

Geneva is the watchmaking destination of the Spring! The next Watches and Wonders Geneva edition will be held from March 27 to April 2, 2023.; @Watches And Wonders Geneva 2023

Watchmaking Boutiques are already preparing for this highly anticipated luxury event.

From 27 March to 2 April, the heart of Geneva will beat to watchmaking rhythms. The Watches and Wonders Salon 2023 will open its doors to the general public over a weekend. Visitors will therefore be able to discover the wonders that the 48 watch brands and manufacturers will be unveiling and dive into the world of exceptional watches. For the first time this year, Watches and Wonders will also take place ‘In the City’.

Watches and Wonders will be inviting the inhabitants of Geneva, both novices and enthusiasts and all visitors to enjoy an immersive experience at the heart of a Salon, designed as a sumptuous village with its squares, alleys, restaurants and watchmaking worlds.

In total, nearly 50 Maisons and watch manufacturers will be exhibiting their wonders in Geneva.

The curtain will rise on this exhibition of exceptional pieces on 27 March of this year. At this event, eagerly awaited by the main players in the watchmaking industry, the Maisons will unveil their latest creations. The first days are reserved for business visitors, while the general public is expected on 1 and 2 April, when they can take a journey into the heart of time.

More than just a trade show, it will be a passionate experience to be enjoyed in person or online via the platform. Watches and Wonders is also a place where you can listen to and learn from the professionals. An extensive programme of talks has been specially organised for the general public on 1 and 2 April. Around six talks and discussion panels will be held each day in the Auditorium. Renowned experts and speakers have been lined up to analyse watch trends, explain what makes a watch valuable, or how to start a vintage watch collection. Topical subjects will also be discussed, such as the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain and circularity.

@Watches And Wonders Geneva 2023

Watches and Wonders is devoted to time: first, the past, through objects crafted respecting a centuries-old tradition, then the present, with timepieces which are revolutionising this art, and finally, the future, which will be discussed in the LAB, an area dedicated to innovation and new technologies, driven by projects from the exhibiting Maisons which are looking to introduce the future into the heart of watch movements.

The Watchmaking Salon has a number of wonders for visitors to explore, including the ‘What time is it?’ photographic exhibition presented by Karine Bauzin. It investigates our relationship with time and how it is perceived. This Swiss press photographer asked people she met in 20 different countries ‘What time is it?’. Their answer can be summed up in one hand gesture, the same one repeated all over the world and which watchmakers themselves used when they invented the wristwatch. It took her ten years to complete this ethnographic work.

While the Salon is the highlight of this annual rendez-vous, the whole of Geneva will hum to the rhythm of watch movements for a whole week. The major watch stores on Rue du Rhône and Rues Basses will also open their doors In the City in order to unveil special designs, ornate pieces and rare watch complications during a skilfully orchestrated rally. Each of the participating brands’ boutiques has planned specific activities to welcome visitors and showcase their expertise.

A special evening event dedicated to watchmaking will be held in the Rues Basses on Thursday, 30 March from 5 to 9 pm. This will be an opportunity to be drawn into the wonderful world of watchmaking, amidst concerts, street entertainment and famous artists. Those who wish to prolong the experience can attend the talks on ‘Geneva and watchmaking’ at the Pont de la Machine. This venue will also serve as an information centre throughout the week.

Whether you are an amateur or an enthusiast of beautiful watches, Watches and Wonders is a rare event not to be missed: online ticketing opens on 1 February at noon on the platform.

@Watches And Wonders Geneva 2023