Evolved luxury: Illuminated by Diamond Dust



Pesavento 18k Gold Diamond Dust line presented at 2019 Baselworld.

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Refined, evolved jewels that can excite and seduce, Pesavento pieces, often associated with the concept of evolved luxury, are made-to-measure for the woman of today. They can be worn Pesavento in the morning before going to work and can continue to be worn until the evening, whatever the situation. And, very importantly, the jewellery items are comfortable and practical.

At this year’s Baselworld Jewelry fair in Basel, Switzerland, Pesavento unveiled a portfolio of jewels in gold and the Diamond Dust/ Polvere Di Sogni range.

“For us gold means 18-karat only,” Pesavento’s Chiara Carli told Baselworld Daily News.

“About the rest, the new products are divided into two collections: Basic, continuing our history with its clean lines and hollow pipe working; and Cocktail, with its geometric, square, rather small forms and rather reminiscent of Jolie, one of our best silver sellers, that likewise is always an ideal piece to be worn. Naturally, all models are illuminated by Diamond Dust: dark grey for white gold, and white for pink gold,” added the Creative Director and co-owner of the Italian jewelry brand.

Pesavento at Baselworld 2019


Polvere Di Sogni: How it’s made

The microparticles used in the Polvere Di Sogni collection are cut into hexagonal shapes creating its unique sparkle. Once affixed to pure sterling silver (AG 925), the flakes give a final eclat of brilliance. Each ring or necklace is entirely ‘Made in Italy’ and combines the Italian Goldsmith tradition with stylistic innovation.

Pesavento Multi Whiskers


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