Espace Musées: Charles de Gaulle airport opens art gallery

Charles de Gaulle airport launches art gallery

Charles de Gaulle airport‘s passengers have a very good reason to arrive at the airport 2 hours before take-off… The airport opens Espace Musées, a museum dedicated to art. The fund displays original art work from some of the most famous artists of all times.

Rodin – The Wings of Glory“, the current exhibition, displays Rodin’s famous masterpieces, such as Le Penseur, l’Age d’Airain, Le Baiser. The exhibition also offers a glimpse of the artist’s workshop and craftsmanship : his personal collection of Asian, antique and contemporary art, as a sample of Rodin’s taste, also illustrated by Eugène Carrière’s painting of his artist-friend in his workshop. Finally, movement, made from matter and transcending nature’s fixed immobility, is addressed through a series of winged figures, along with one large wing that one cannot help but associate with Rodin’s admiration for airplanes. An admiration he often expressed, as illustrated by his cry for “modern heroes with broken wings… modern-day Icarus,” and his surprise upon seeing a plane in 1912: ‘Look, Da Vinci’s dream is flying by!’

Espace Musées, designed for Art by the architects of the Musée d’Orsay, is located by gates M of CDG’s Terminal 2E, a brand new hall considered as one of the most beautiful European boarding halls.

Admission to all exhibitions is free of charge.