Design beyond light: Gentle exterior illumination doubling up as a striking art installation

@Vibia Origami

Light is at the foundation of space design. These new wall lighting products aim to improve the world through a single aspiration: creating better spaces to live.

Beautiful outdoor wall lighting is a great way to gently illuminate your home, while drawing attention to key features of your garden, terrace, patio or walkway after the sun goes down.

For an outdoor seating area, ambient light is more suitable to create a relaxed atmosphere, as opposed to anything too glaring. Careful choice of style can help to create a flow from indoors to outdoors, particularly when mounted immediately outside your living area.

Whether you opt for something subtle or statement, it should fit seamlessly into the space, complementing the architecture and natural surroundings. Beyond aesthetics, functionality also has to be a top priority.

Outdoor lighting must be durable and suitable for all weather conditions. Where safety is a concern, a simple wall sconce can provide necessary illumination while remaining unobtrusive.

@Vibia Origami

Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, Origami offers gentle exterior illumination while doubling up as a striking art installation. Created for Barcelona-based Vibia by designer Ramón Esteve, a single angular fixture or series of fixtures creates a subtle trace of indirect light across a wall. Constructed to climb like ivy, the light gently radiates out from the edges of each distinctive sculptural form, creating a play of light and shadow rather than dazzling with direct illumination.

With just two models to choose from, Origami invites you to get creative.

A single point of connection between the pieces and simple surface mounting allows professionals to make as many patterns or configurations as desired, combining functionality with infinite opportunity for artistic exploration. The collection features an LED light source with a dimmer, ensuring efficient energy consumption as well as superior lighting performance.

@Vibia Scotch

Perfect for giving a hidden corner, doorway or walkway exposure after dark, Scotch will add a touch of charm to your home as well as a measure of security and safety. An Óscar & Sergi Devesa design, it emits a bright, warm light thanks to the transparency of its thick pressed glass diffuser, which is painted white on the inside in contrast with its chrome base. The design is durable and robust yet delicate and minimalist, ideal for transit areas or for uniting indoor and outdoor spaces.

One of the unique features of the Scotch is its reduced dimensions: the fitting neatly stands a mere 10cm proud of the wall. Combined with simple surface mounting, installation is quick and easy, ideal for both public and private applications. Other key aspects include significant energy savings, thanks to its superior LED light source, and an excellent IP65 rating, which makes Scotch especially appropriate for wet weather.

Walls, typically functional, are primarily used to delimit spaces or support roofs and ceilings. However, they also offer a blank canvas to explore decorative elements within a space. A striking light can personalise a bare façade, bringing a whole new dynamic to your exterior environment.

@Vibia Scotch

@Vibia Meridiano

Designed for Vibia by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal, the Meridiano wall light will bring magic and modernity to your home. Like a dazzling starburst or solar eclipse, a soft diffuse glow radiates out from an invisible spherical structure crafted of corrugated steel rods, creating a geometric motif of light and shade that reaches far out beyond its base.

Functioning as both ambient lighting and dynamic sculpture, multiple fixtures can be positioned at random to cast a luminous web of spokes, artfully filling a large blank expanse of wall.

Equipped with an LED light source ideal for exterior use, the sconce comes in matte lacquered khaki, off-white and green, and can be paired with the floor version to flawlessly integrate a garden seating area or poolside terrace with the exterior wall of your home.

@Vibia Meridiano