Dalmore Candela – few other whiskies shine as brightly

Dalmore Candela – an outstanding 50 year old single malt

A very limited edition Dalmore, Candela has been created by master blender Richard Paterson from very old vintage stocks, with the youngest from 1951 and the oldest going all the way back to 1868. Just 77 bottles of this have been released. The limited edition has been awarded at  with “Best Single Malt Scotch (41 years and over)” trophy.  The rarity of ingredients translates into price: £ 7500.

“Candela is the international unit for the measurement of the intensity of light. It defines brilliance. So it seemed appropriate to name one of our brightest creations after this international standard. And whilst its brilliance transcends mere luminosity, we believe few other whiskies shine as brightly.”,  said the Dalmore representatives.