Cunard Unveils Royal Elegance: The Queen Anne Edition in the Cunard 4 Queens Gin Collection

Cunard to launch Cunard 4 Queens Gin Collection with New Queen Anne Edition Honoring the British Isles.

@Cunard to launch Cunard 4 Queens Gin Collection with New Queen Anne Edition Honoring the British Isles.

With less than six months to go until the launch of its new cruise ship, Cunard has revealed it will raise a glass to Queen Anne in May by unveiling an exclusive new gin.

As the launch of its highly anticipated new ship approaches, Cunard, the iconic luxury cruise line, has set sail on a new odyssey of taste with the introduction of the Queen Anne Edition in its exclusive Cunard 4 Queens Gin Collection. Paying homage to the elegance and botanical richness of the British Isles, this exquisite gin joins a regal lineup that captures the essence of global flavors.

A Toast to Queen Anne:

Scheduled for release in May, the Queen Anne Edition is poised to become the crown jewel of the Cunard 4 Queens Gin Collection. Designed to celebrate the finest botanicals sourced from the British Isles, this edition reflects Cunard’s commitment to crafting distinctive and globally inspired spirits.

Teaming up with the renowned bartender and TV star Merlin Griffiths, Cunard has unveiled the perfect pour for the Queen Anne Edition. Griffiths, an award-winning cocktail-making champion, has skillfully blended uniquely British botanicals. The infusion of woody milk thistle, fragrant heather, and zesty sea buckthorn is complemented by the sweetness of Queen Anne rose petals and blackcurrant leaf, resulting in a smooth and elegant finish.

The Queen Anne Edition joins its royal counterparts in the Cunard 4 Queens Gin Collection. The Queen Mary 2 Edition celebrates the Americas with crisp apple, warm cinnamon, and juicy cherry notes. Meanwhile, the Queen Victoria Edition offers a taste of the Mediterranean, blending blood orange, fragrant lemon myrtle, and olive leaf. The Queen Elizabeth Edition, steeped in Oriental influences, features Lotus Root, Star Anise, and Kaffir Lime Leaf.

A Nod to Tradition and Heritage:

Crafted exclusively for Cunard, the artisanal London Dry gin draws inspiration from an original Bombay family recipe dating back to July 17, 1947. In a nostalgic nod to history, Cunard has rekindled its partnership with Summerhall Distillery, based in Edinburgh and founded in 2013. Notably, Marcus Pickering, the co-founder of the distillery, has a personal connection to Cunard through his great-uncle, George Gibbons, who served as Captain of Cunard White Star liners from 1909 to 1944.

A Royal Presence On Board:

The Queen Anne Edition will grace all bars and restaurants on board the Queen Anne, Cunard’s newest ship. Additionally, it will be featured in an exclusive cocktail, tantalizing the taste buds of guests who travel in style with Cunard.

For those eager to bring a touch of royal elegance into their homes, the Queen Anne Edition will be available for purchase directly from the Summerhall Distillery website, as well as on board, starting May 3, 2024. The 70 cl bottles will be priced at $44.

A Celebration of British Heritage:

Katie McAlister, President of Cunard, expressed her enthusiasm for the Queen Anne Edition, stating, “It’s more than just an exciting tipple; it is a celebration of the British Isles and its unique charm. At Cunard, we are very proud of our British heritage and always strive to reflect our legacy in new and elevated propositions for the modern traveler.”

@Cunard to launch Cunard 4 Queens Gin Collection with New Queen Anne Edition Honoring the British Isles.