Cruise M Bike Limited Edition. A two-wheel tribute to the M2

The last word in riding pleasure? BMW has unveiled a new limited edition bicycle, the Cruise M.

The BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition

M2, BMW’s latest everyday sports car, inspired a new limited edition bicycle unveiled with BMW’s full Spring 2016 bicycle collection. The Cruise M bicycle promises to be just as exclusive as the compact high- performance sports car, yet at a fraction of the price. Unlike the M2 car, the bike is limited to just 1500 units and each will cost just €1,400. The bike cuts a powerful figure thanks to the hydro-formed aluminium frame’s distinctive “bullneck” – reminiscent of the tank position on a motorcycle.

BMW has demonstrated expertise in the development of state-of-the-art, high-class bicycles for over 60 years, turning bike riding (as it has car driving) into a very special experience.

Like its automotive inspiration, BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition uses an eye-catching Long Beach Blue metallic colour scheme.

The bike’s striking design concept is complemented by high-quality technical components, which generate a special feeling on the road. The carbon seat post and spacer ensure the BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition is a light yet also a strong device. With larger wheels (now 28 inches), a 30-gear system and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, it has all the tools to deliver the last word in riding pleasure – on straight roads and twisty or hilly routes alike.

Every example of the limited-run special edition also has its own specially made plaque.

The BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition bicycle

The BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition bicycle- The BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition--