Couture Précieuse – Piaget’s largest collection

At this year’s September Biennale des Antiquaires, Piaget prepares its largest collection centered around the idea of feminine seduction.

Couture Précieuse jewellery collection uses white diamonds, red rubellites, and black spinels and is all made with white gold, taking our imagination to lace, corsets, ribbons, tassels, and all the finer instruments of seduction.

Diamond Embroidery Inspiration” necklace is a collar of lace with flexible structure and 1513 brilliant-cut diamonds, 133 baguette-cut diamonds, 4 pear-shaped diamonds, and 11 rose-cut diamonds.

“With this ambitious jewellery collection Piaget can confidently declare that they have certainly succeeded in creating a collection that scintillates with temptation, seduction and femininity”, wrote the jewellery editor.

Couture Précieuse features 59 high jewelry pieces and 12 high jewelry watches, all the creations clinging close to the body for a comfortable fit.