Courvoisier cognac house announced the refurbishment of the heritage center

Courvoisier cognac, one the four leading cognac houses in the world (owned by Beam) announced the refurbishment of the Courvoisier Château, Courvoisier Heritage Centre, situated on the banks of the river Charente in Jarnac (southwest corner of France) in the Cognac region.

The new look features an enhanced boutique (with rare and exclusive products), tasting bar, a display of vintage advertising and a historical timeline.

The new look includes the full Courvoisier portfolio and enhances visitors’ understanding and appreciation of the award-winning blends, as well as revealing the brand’s French heritage. Courvoisier Château is expected to be a key destination for connoisseurs visiting the Cognac region in 2013.

During selected tours that can last from one to seven hours, access is granted to the famous Paradis cellar which houses cognac dating back to the time of Napoleon himself, and visits to the cooperage where the ageing barrels are hand-made to exacting standards.