Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, gets first MICHELIN Guide

Chengdu Restaurant; @Michelin

The first MICHELIN Guide Chengdu Unveiled.

Chengdu offers a myriad of restaurants that are brimming with talent and authenticity while respecting the traditions of this vibrant cuisine.

The full selection of the MICHELIN Guide Chengdu 2022 was announced on Jan. 6, 2022, celebrating 1 two MICHELIN Star, 8 one MICHELIN Star and 13 Bib Gourmand restaurants, as well as a special award – the MICHELIN Service Award.

Chengdu is one of the six most-populous cities in China. As of November 2020, the permanent resident population of Chengdu is 20.937 million, the largest in Sichuan and the sixth largest in China. Chengdu is considered a “Beta + (global second-tier)” city classification (together with Barcelona and Washington, D.C.) according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. In 2021, Chengdu ranked 35th in the Global Financial Centres Index.

“Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, boasts many advantages and points of interest. One that the MICHELIN Guide is particularly proud to promote is, of course, its gastronomic scene. The inspector team was hugely impressed by the local and diverse culinary landscape. With its abundant flavors, unique preparation, fine techniques and distinctive ingredients, Sichuan cuisine captivates local and international foodies alike,” states Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the MICHELIN Guide. “We are very proud to add Chengdu to the MICHELIN Guide family and to make the world aware of its gastronomic excellence!

The MICHELIN Guide Chengdu 2022 hands out the first two MICHELIN Star accolade for Chengdu to Yu Zhi Lan.

This low-key private dining concept presents various elegant, elaborate, multi-course meals that emphasize the ingredients’ natural flavors. The outstanding culinary skills of the chef are also displayed in every dish. Owner chef Lan Guijun is a local legend who took Sichuanese fayre to the level of haute cuisine.

8 restaurants are honored with the one MICHELIN Star distinction for the first time. The diversity and elevated quality of Sichuan cuisine attest to the inclusiveness and vitality of the Chengdu hospitality industry.

Chaimen Hui Restaurant Chengdu. Keeping the concept of farm to table in mind, the chefs insist on sourcing top-notch, seasonal ingredients from around the world to prepare flavorful dishes boasting great texture and taste. Born and raised in Sichuan, Chef Chen has developed a great fondness for Sichuan cuisine and has been striving to deliver a brand-new image of the cuisine to the gastronomy world. He believes that innovation derives from respecting traditional roots and enjoys dedicating his time to crafting every dish to perfection.

Chengdu Restaurant. The menu, which builds on traditional Cantonese lines, spiced up with Sichuanese touches, has been the main draw of Chengdu Restaurant. Apart from their 18-day pigeon and the signature misua soup, the magnificent interior that features hanging lamps nodding to ancient artefacts and the perforated brass wall, is another highlight that adds to the dining experience.

Fang Xiang Jing Restaurant Chengdu. The restaurant serves authentic Sichuanese cuisine. The kitchen team at Fang Xiang Jing re-creates old-time Sichuanese recipes as faithfully as possible, covering classics like fuqi feipian, mapo tofu and snowflake minced chicken.

Ma’s Kitchen. This hugely popular eatery started life as a stall in Meishan in the last century. Customers flock here for the renowned duck blood curd with pork offal and sliced eel, while dan dan noodles and other Sichuan classics are also popular among local gourmets.

Mi Xun Teahouse. Located in a courtyard house steeped in historical charm, Mi Xun Teahouse delivers vegetarian fare featuring handpicked local ingredients. The light, refined and inspired vegetarian dishes, including vegan mapo tofu with chanterelles and spicy hotpot are the draw that attracts many.

Silver Pot. The owner’s trips around the world translate into her quest for quality seafood and other ingredients around the globe. The food is delicately prepared in bespoke Sichuanese style, the roast pigeon smoked with Sichuan pepper leaves, and other cold appetizers are every gourmet’s favorite for good reason.

Song Yun Ze. The restaurant is named after the legendary Sichuanese chef, Songyun ZHANG, opened by his protégés, and serves a tailored menu that typically includes over 20 expertly crafted courses. All the dishes are made with top-notch ingredients and underpinned by traditional techniques. The chef always makes sure traditions are respected in the kitchen while adding a refined touch to his repertoire.

Xu’s Cuisine. Sichuanese cooking forms the backbone of the menu, and it is further categorized by styles, such as bean paste based and home-style dishes. Dishes that entail painstaking preparations can be found here, with ji douhua being their proud signature.

@Young Art · Yong Ya He Xian (Tongzilin East Road); @Michelin

13 Bib Gourmand Restaurants

The restaurants selected in the Bib Gourmand list, offering good quality and good value, are marked by the symbol of the lip-licking Michelin Tire man (Bibendum) in the guide. The first Chengdu Bib Gourmand restaurants feature a wide range of foods, from pastry, local specialties, to Sichuan stir-fries, as well as local tea culture, at RMB 300 per head or less, collectively telling a vivid story of the heart-warming city life in Chengdu.

The 2022 Michelin Service Award

As MICHELIN Guide inspectors dine at and observe restaurants, they keep an eye on service professionals to unearth talents that are worthy of the MICHELIN Service Award.

The Michelin Service Award for 2022 goes to Ms. LEI Min from Young Art · Yong Ya He Xian (Tongzilin East Road) which also made its appearance in the first MICHELIN Guide Chengdu. The young, energetic lady is attentive to detail with good product knowledge and flexibility in accommodating diners’ needs. She is always passionate and hardworking with good interaction and serving pace, said Michelin Guide.