Cathy Guetta’s Villa Titanium – the most luxurious villa on Ibiza

Hublot joins Cathy Guetta at the ‪‎Villa Titanium‬ in ‪‎Ibiza‬ for the most glittering party of the season!

hublot ibiza villa titanium-august 2016-
Cathy Guetta has made Ibiza the most popular destination for clubbers since the 1990s. She now unveiled a villa on the island that she has designed “to be a timeless place.” A few minutes away from Ibiza Town, Villa Titanium is a refuge surrounded by nature. The precious property nestles among 3 hectares of gardens, integrated into its environment.

Carved out of glass and concrete, Villa Titanium is the most luxurious villa on Ibiza and among the world’s 10 most expensive houses. Before opening its doors to the A-listers that will stay in her house, Cathy Guetta has invited them to the most unmissable party of the 2016 season. Hublot joined Cathy for the most glittering party of this summer.

An ultra-trendy Zen retreat just 10 minutes from the beaches of Las Salinas. All of its rooms enjoy exceptional views over the Mediterranean’s turquoise waters. Its succession of wide glass walls makes the interior and exterior spaces seem to merge together. One place, several faces, dotted with yoga tents, a mixing platform for DJs, and a spa, ready to welcome a Zen retreat, the most daring parties and the most glamorous after-parties.

The villa, which can accommodate up to 24 people and as many staff, has seen the comings and goings of close to 700 celebrities from all over the world. In this prestigious setting, time goes by at the pace of the Hublot Big Bang murals that are meticulously hung like paintings, and revealed through the brand’s latest summer releases.

The party was sound-tracked by Black Coffee. The famous South African DJ is stacking up the awards, including Breakthrough DJ of the Year at last year’s DJ Awards in Ibiza and Best International Artist at the BET Awards just a few weeks ago.

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