Can You Move a Piano by Yourself?

Moving is not an easy process. But it becomes even harder if you have quite heavy, yet precious items at home. For a lot of people, a piano is one of those instruments which brings a lot of pleasure on a daily basis and a lot of stress on a moving day. There is one big dilemma all piano owners have. Can they move their instrument by themselves? Or is it obligatory to call a moving company? Let’s find out.

Steinway Model S piano

image source: steinway

First of all, you have to understand what exactly you want to save while moving to another place. Is it your budget, your instrument, or your health? What we’re trying to explain is that if you want to save some extra money on a professional moving company and do everything by yourself, you’re risking to get health problems with your back as a piano is not an easy thing to move. You’ll probably need up to 5 helpers to move it at least for an inch. Another risk is having your instrument damaged while carrying it even within the house somewhere on the stairs. If these reasons are already enough for you to call a mover, make sure to find a reliable one in your area. Look for options like orange county movers or ask your neighbors to recommend some company to deal with a heavy stuff.

If these arguments are not enough for you to call a professional team, let’s go on.

What Does It Take to Move a Piano?

Let’s imagine that you’re going to move a piano by yourself. What are you going to do first? Keep in mind that a piano is not the same instrument as a guitar or a clarinet. It can weight from 400 to 1,000 pounds. But here’s what you can try to do.

  • Invite 3-4 friends or neighbours to help you;
  • Cover your instrument with several layers of the packing blankets, securing everything with a tape and a shrinkwrap. You can always read the reviews of this process on yelp webpage where the customers compare their experiences of hiring a professional service and moving by themselves;
  • Place one person on each end of the instrument and start moving it very slowly. It is all about a teamwork and correct positioning.
Steinway & Sons pianos

image source: steinway

To tell you the truth, it is almost impossible to move a piano alone. A professional help is needed because the movers know exactly how every piece of the instrument should be moved around the house and placed in a truck to be 100% secure. Moreover, they have special tools, needed for this process. They know which part of the piano can be moved and wrapped in a blanket and which part needs a higher level of protection.

So, our advice is not to neglect a professional moving help where it is really needed. Save your instrument, and what is more important – save your health.