Can Repossi’s Antifer Collection Redefine the Intersection of Art and High Jewelry

An encounter between contemporary art & haute joaillerie: Jeweler Repossi celebrates tenth anniversary of Antifer collection with art gallery Amélie, Maison d’Art.

@Repossi is celebrating the bold union of art and jewelry by teaming up with Amélie Maison d’Art

Jeweler Repossi Elevates Artistry: A Fusion of Antifer Collection and Avant-Garde Creations at Amélie, Maison d’Art.

In a breathtaking celebration of creativity, Repossi, the illustrious jeweler, has embarked on a visionary collaboration that blurs the lines between high jewelry and contemporary art. The iconic Antifer collection, which has adorned the world of High Jewelry for a decade, has found a remarkable companion in the form of an art gallery – the esteemed Amélie, Maison d’Art.

At the crossroads of architectural inspiration and contemporary art lies the essence of Repossi’s DNA. The Antifer collection, with its radical minimalist lines and interplay of bold angles, has earned its place as a cornerstone of the Repossi brand, joining the esteemed ranks of the Serti sur Vide and Berbere collections. Now, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Antifer has embarked on an artistic journey, a dialogue with six renowned artists whose creations embody the very spirit of Repossi.

Gallery owner and art curator extraordinaire, Amélie du Chalard, has masterfully orchestrated this innovative fusion of jewelry and art. Drawing inspiration from the Antifer collection, du Chalard invited six exceptional artists to craft five unique works, each resonating with the essence of Antifer. The synergy between the collection and the artists’ creations forms a remarkable narrative that transcends mediums, inviting viewers to experience a harmonious blend of sculpture, engraving, and photography.

@Repossi is celebrating the bold union of art and jewelry by teaming up with Amélie Maison d’Art

“Antifer has something of a leaf, a drop of water, a mountain. In its multiplication it becomes an artifact, a delicate mechanism. The jewel reveals itself in its accumulation… The works not only highlight this angle, they also pay homage to the rigor, minimalism, and purity of Antifer,” eloquently states Amélie du Chalard, encapsulating the profound connection between the artists’ interpretations and the collection’s philosophy.

Within the luminous walls of Amélie, Maison d’Art, the works of six visionary artists have been unveiled to the world. The visual artist Florence Grundeler, sculptor Victoire d’Harcourt, photographer François Kenesi, sculptor Michel Kirsch, visual artist Marine Vu, and ceramist Guido de Zan have lent their distinct creative voices to amplify the resonance of Antifer’s tenth anniversary. Each artist brings a unique perspective, utilizing a diverse range of materials – paper, slate, textiles, bronze, ceramics, and photography – to craft works that celebrate the intricate balance between pointed angles and graceful curves.

Anne de Vergeron, the visionary CEO of Repossi, perfectly encapsulates this partnership’s transformative impact, stating, “This collaboration gives rise to works that transcend the boundaries of art and jewelry, offering a new perspective of the artistic dimension of Antifer.” The fusion of Repossi’s intricate savoir-faire and the avant-garde artistic expressions showcased at Amélie, Maison d’Art, exemplifies the future of creative exploration, where jewelry becomes a catalyst for inspiring and redefining artistry across all spectrums.

@Repossi is celebrating the bold union of art and jewelry by teaming up with Amélie Maison d’Art