Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door crafted a unique bourbon exclusively available at Daxton

Did you know that Bourbon is America’s only native spirit? On May 4, 1964, Congress declared that bourbon is unique to the United States.

@Heaven’s Door Daxton Single Barrel exclusively available at Daxton Hotel Detroit

Two Luxury Brands Passionate About Art, Quality and Unparalleled Experiences Come Together to Create a One-of-a-Kind Spirit for Guests

Daxton Hotel, a modern luxury hotel located in Detroit’s northern metro area that seamlessly balances fine art, cutting-edge design, and lush accommodations, announces a partnership with Heaven’s Door, a collection of handcrafted American Whiskeys co-created with esteemed singer-songwriter-artist, Bob Dylan. Pulling from the art-filled boutique hotel as inspiration, Heaven’s Door crafted a unique bourbon exclusively available at Daxton, named Heaven’s Door Daxton Single Barrel. This bespoke spirit will be available to enjoy at Daxton’s Geode Bar and Lounge, and flagship restaurant Madam.

Daxton Hotel’s Bespoke Whiskey by Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door

Distilled with a custom Heaven’s Door mash bill and aged for five years, Master Blender Ryan Perry selected this cask strength single barrel for its robust flavors and rich color. With notes of creamed corn, clover honey, and hand toasted oak, there is an inherent sweetness and strong barrel extraction on both the nose and palate.

“The quality of Heaven’s Door’s award-winning portfolio of whiskeys matches the extraordinary service and experience that we proudly provide our guests,” said Raj Radke, Daxton Hotel’s Managing Director. “Our two likeminded brands have come together to create a special spirit that can only be enjoyed at Daxton – where you are enveloped in a collection of museum-quality art, where you can revel in a night of live jazz music, and where you are transported to a place where your senses can soar.”

“Daxton Hotel has an intentional vision, and it was an honor to work alongside their amazing team,” said Ryan Perry, Heaven’s Door Master Blender. “As a Michigan native, I took tremendous pride in this project. I refused to select anything but the best, and we landed on a true gem with this barrel select.”

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The Heaven’s Door Daxton Single Barrel is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water. It features the following characteristics:

Age – over 5 years
Proof – 124.5
ABV – 62.25%
Nose – toasted caramel, butterscotch, toasted oak
Palate – creamed corn, nutmeg, green grass

Heaven’s Door represents the uncompromising passion of musician Bob Dylan and draws inspiration from his artistic spirit to create a high-quality, exceptional tasting experience. Daxton Hotel mirrors this passion, in what its team strives to deliver to guests each day. The property combines art with a globally inspired culinary program.

Daxton Hotel features more than 400 original pieces of cutting-edge art curated from around the world by renowned Saatchi Art. In total, the high-end hotel features works from 160 artists representing nearly 40 countries with artwork crossing multiple mediums including painting, photography, collage drawing, and sculpture. Truly a like-minded partner, each bottle of Heaven’s Door showcases Bob Dylan’s distinctive welded iron gates that he created in his studio, Black Buffalo Ironworks.

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