Best Sunsets in the Mediterranean Sea

Watching the sun melt like liquid gold, sending elongated fingers of rose and burnt amber across the sky is always an unforgettable experience especially when you get front row seats for Mother Nature’s magic. For those enjoying life on their luxury superyacht such as MY Starfire, 178′ Benetti for charter, the Mediterranean offers some truly majestic spots for sitting on your superyacht sundeck with a cocktail in hand and toasting the end of another perfect day.

Take a look at these sublime places to witness awe-inspiring sunsets on the Mediterranean Sea while on your next superyacht charter.


Indulge in a sunset swim on the dazzling shores of Malta. The dramatic cliff tops, the lonely lights of fisherman boats bobbing on the horizon and the remarkable red sun dropping into a lavender and blue hued sea is a fine experience. Let the cooling waters kiss your skin as you drift in the soft salt waters of Golden Bay.


Santorini sunsets bring to life the myth and magic of the Aegean islands. As the sun sinks like a stone, it pours a kaleidoscope of colors across the white and blue domed rooftops, turning everything to gold like the Midas touch. The first stars glitter in the luminous pink hues before slowly flooding with purple and blue. A Santorini sunset is best enjoyed from the plush comfort of your own superyacht sundeck with a glass of chilled champagne, and a mezze platter of Grecian market treats to nibble on.


The rainbow rich sunset that floods the bright village of Positano is best enjoyed with dinner on deck on your luxury superyacht charter. Let the candles flicker as you sit down to sumptuous service and fine food whilst witnessing the dramatic end of day. The Amalfi coast is a winding wonder of true splendor, and as the last light glides down the mountains and the rose gold hues dance in the sky, you will fall in love with the beauty of Italy all over again.


Marseilles is always an eclectic and exciting place to be, especially when the stars start to twinkle and the sun kisses the land goodbye. Take a sunset tender ride away from the superyacht and out into the open waters which shimmer in every hue of blue. Glittering gold flecks and fiery reds embrace the horizon, and you can feel a meditative calm as you crest through open waters on a jet ski.


Watching the sun turn and fall sending shades of elegance over the spiraling minarets and domes that make up Istanbul’s skyline is an epic experience. In true eastern fashion, blood red and golden wine colors spill across the carpeted sky and douse everything in sight in shades of soft pink. Take in the view from the delight of your superyacht or select a waterfront terrace for unrivaled views.

Bio: Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, 178′ superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.