Best Luxury Destinations for Group Travel in Europe

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While travelling solo or with a partner in tow is fun, travelling in a group can be twice the fun! Whether you’re travelling with family members, colleagues, or groups of friends, travelling as a group is a truly rewarding experience, especially if you are heading to some of the most luxurious destinations in Europe. But deciding which places to visit in Europe can be confusing since there are too many beautiful destinations to choose from, and each offers luxury travel experiences.

If you’re planning a group travel to Europe and have no idea where to go, here’s a guide on the best luxury destinations for group travel in Europe.

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1. Croatia

Famous for its more than 1,200 islands, spectacular scenery, bustling cities, and Roman structures, Croatia is the perfect destination for luxury group travel in Europe. It’s a vast outdoor playground with many stunning islands, beaches, and national parks to keep even the most active groups entertained. Couple that with picturesque cities home to ancient palaces and bustling promenades, and you’ve got a picturesque destination to escape for some quality time with family or friends.

Beach bums will have a blast lounging at the beaches along Croatia‘s Adriatic coast. The best way to visit some of the country’s most beautiful beaches is on an island-hopping trip. But it’s not all about the beaches, as there are also ample opportunities for outdoor adventures, from ziplining to rafting. National parks, such as the Krka and Plitvice, are home to majestic waterfalls and stunning lakes with crystal clear turquoise waters.

Don’t forget to explore the vibrant cities of Split and Dubrovnik, which are perfect for strolling around and getting a dose of Croatia’s history and culture. Enjoy delicious meals at the bustling local restaurants in the city, serving the tastiest local gastronomic delights.

2. Turkey

Turkey is a remarkably diverse destination of dreamy coastlines, embraced by the glittering waters and mountainous landscapes, embellished with ancient ruins, and swathed in long stretches of olive groves. Indeed, Turkey has more than enough to appease and entice a group of travellers, irrespective of their wide-ranging interests.

Istanbul, a cultural crossroads of historical magnitude, can be best explored on guided luxury Turkey sites tours. The city’s prominent sights, such as the majestic Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque, are must-visits, while the lively Grand Bazaar, brimming with stalls selling trinkets and all sorts of Turkish delicacies, is excellent for entertainment and refuelling the group’s energy.

From the city life, head to the countryside and be in awe at the unique beauty of Cappadocia. With its incredible rock formations soaring into the sky and covered with colourful hot air balloons, the region is undoubtedly one of Turkey’s most beautiful places. There are also scenic hiking trails for every level, including underground tunnels that will lead you to enigmatic open-air museums and abandoned cities.

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3. Greece

If you’re looking for a luxury travel adventure packed with interesting activities, lots of outdoor exploring, and many things to learn, Greece is ideal. Discover the myths and legends of ancient Greece as your group visits the ruins and impressive landmarks, such as the towering Acropolis in Athens.

For travellers who love to hike and explore nature, there are forests and mountains to tackle. Keen cyclists can explore picturesque towns and villages on two wheels. Indulge in your love for Greek food by joining a group cooking class, where you can take your favourite dishes with you at the end of your session.

Given its 16,000 km of coastline and a stunning collection of islands, the beach is a huge part of your visit to Greece. Relax on the picturesque beaches at the secluded islands of Milos, Lefkas, and Andros. Hop aboard a boat and discover the many different islands along the Ionian and Aegean seas. If the group is in the mood for water sports, there is plenty to enjoy in the more popular Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos.

4. Iceland

Iceland is famous for its stunning natural beauty. The country’s diverse landscape is nothing short of breathtaking. Its scenery promises an endless array of snow-covered volcanoes, ice fields, geysers, and magnificent waterfalls. Indeed, the country is so picturesque, and it’s no wonder why it’s one of the best luxury destinations for group travel in Europe.

But to fully enjoy your visit, book a car rental once in Iceland. Since you are travelling in a group, getting around the country would be easier and more convenient. Once you have your car, start your adventure in the capital city of Reykjavik, home to the National and Saga museums, where you can trace back to the country’s Viking roots. Make a stop at the Blue Lagoon before driving to the Thingvellir National Park, an amazing park steeped in history and surrounded by incredible scenery.

From Thingvellir, head to the Geysir Geothermal Area in the Haukadalur valley. This stunning attraction steams vents and chimneys and is visible along the way. Finally, make your way to the Gullfoss waterfall, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country.

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5. Spain

Offering enough culture, history, and fun adventures to keep everyone entertained, Spain is a wonderful destination for group travel. The country has a wealth of world-class galleries and museums and an incredible array of architecture, from the quirky masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi to the splendid Gothic cathedrals.

The north of Spain is ideal for cycling and hiking, while the south is more suitable for those who love flamenco and are curious about Andalusian horses. For those seeking a relaxing beach break, the Canary Islands would be perfect, especially in February when it’s not too hot. Lying off the coast of Africa, these islands are blessed with beautiful beaches ideal for sun-seekers. Aside from the beaches, the Canary Islands also offer a number of activities for adventurous travellers, from snorkelling to swimming, scuba diving, and cliff diving.

Take time to explore the vibrant city of Barcelona, where you’ll discover some of the sights that make Spain such a special place, from the winding streets of the Gothic quarter and the eccentric architecture of Güell Park. Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of the city’s decadent chocolate shops and join a hands-on cooking class to learn how to prepare some popular Spanish specialities.