Beast by M55 – the Batman’s hybrid bike

Beast by M55 – A perfectly ballanced luxury hybrid bike

“If the Batman was a non-fictional person, he would have a M55 Beast in his garage for sure.” Use the cutting edge, this is M55’s mantra. M55 released a new perfectly ballanced hybrid bike.   

The Beast by M55 is a shiny new flagship model – the result of 4 stages of evolution. M55 tried different high-tech frame materials, components, batteries but none of them reached the limit we had set. The standard was high and now The Beast is ready to roll and satisfy the desires of the most sophisticated customers.

Beast is a hybrid bike with not only exceptional performance but great outlook as well. Our motor power and battery capacity is well over the industry standard and a truly futuristic look will sure attract some eyeballs around you.

The hybrid drive means that the motor is not a substitute to your human power but an addition – it lives with your ride: if the sensor feels that you need some extra torque, the motor switches on to multiply your effort. 

Although it may look like a downhill bike, the M55 is designed for cross-country use. The weight of the motor and battery pack require the burlier components which mean longer life-expectancy at the same time. It climbs like wonder and thanks to the supreme Fox suspension, you’ll wait for the descents! The stopping power is delivered by the famed brake company, Brembo. You could find them on Formula1 cars but not on bikes – untill now. 

The Beast premium model is available for 25.555 Ђ (excluding VAT) but the pre-order is already open.
THe manufacturer also offers super-limited edition Beast-versions equiped with our extraordinary, one-sided ‘Biceps’ front suspension for 28.888 Ђ (excluding VAT). Every 55th piece is a special edition with custom paintjob.