Riva Iseo – a must-have for lovers of design and boating on lakes

Riva Iseo, a 27 foot day cruiser destined to become a must-have for lovers of design and boating on lakes as well as in the open sea, featuring elegance and ease of transportation as distinctive characteristics.

The new Riva Iseo is an important innovation for the celebrated nautical brand due to its size and design elements. This particular model is the latest creation of the unique working relationship between Officina Italiana Design, exclusive designers of the entire Riva range, AYT – Advanced Yacht Technology, Ferretti Group’s naval research and design centre, and the team of architects and designers at the Centro Stile Ferrettigroup. The new model has been devised so the owner can “live” his boat in any occasion. The Riva Iseo has its own custom-made car-trailer, allowing easy transportation of the yacht, wherever the owner wishes to go.

Riva Iseo values the surrounding environment and is an innovative option suitable for day cruising in waters with high environmental value. The yacht will also be available in a hybrid engine version with the ZEM (Zero Emission Mode) cruising option, Ferretti Group’s revolutionary cruising mode system, particularly suitable for lakes, especially where normal boating is forbidden. The ’Hybrid Propulsion ZEM’ version, with hybrid propulsion and Zero Emission, will not compromise speed using high powered diesel propulsion, combined with the electric one.

Besides responding to an increasing demand for on-board infotainment, Riva Iseo is also the very first yacht of its kind to be equipped with both infotainment and GPS charts built for the Apple platform for iPad. This software has been specifically designed for Riva Iseo and also features a number of interesting applications, such as browsing the Riva Iseo owner manual, viewing the weather forecast and other information, as well as listening to live stream radio, TV or one’s own playlists with high quality sound.