Augmented reality, dynamic video and facial recognition: digital innovation to preserve exclusivity of the luxury brands

Luxury consumers nowadays are more interested in whether a luxury product is “worth it,” and that all depends on the experience. While protecting brand exclusivity is a viable concern, digital and new media tools offer inestimable opportunities to market luxury brand experiences and preserve exclusivity. Here are three cutting-edge digital technologies from mashable that can help save the luxury brand uniqueness: augmented reality, dynamic and inspired video, facial recognition.

Augmented Reality. How it works applied to luxury brands?
Imagine a luxury boutique able to tap the biggest luxury spenders by erecting a temporary, mobile AR screen in their top-tier clients‘ homes or places of work. The clients virtually try on garments, accessories and jewelry. Their simple gestures record whether the client is interested in the items or not. With that information, the boutique sends the selected items to the client, who tries them on at home, returns the unwanted ones and is billed for those they keep. That client receives unprecedented experiential value, not to mention exclusivity.

Dynamic and Creative Video for luxury ecommerce.
The challenge of luxury ecommerce is recreating the in-store experience. With dynamic, creative video, luxury ecommerce sites can tailor the online shopping experience the way you would tailor your own in-store experience. For example, when you visit your favorite store in person, you don’t stop and look at products that target the opposite gender, or products you have no interest in. You walk straight to the most intriguing section.

Facial recognition technology is coupling the face exclusivity with hyper-targeted customer service and messaging.
Upon walking into a luxury store, an elegantly crafted facial recognition system greets you, instantly individualizing your unique experience by determining your age, gender, purchase history and preferences. The service informs you of new inventory, current sales and upcoming promotions that may interest you. If you like, the system will upload selected information to your mobile device via Bluetooth, and if it’s a big store, will also use your phone’s geo-location to guide you around.


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