Audi First Digital Artwork for Design Miami/ Is A Grandsphere

Audi’s first digital artwork for Design Miami/ is a Grandsphere by digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger.

@Audi’s first digital artwork for Design Miami/ is a Grandsphere by @Andrés Reisinger

One of the most sought-after digital artists of the 21st Century designs Grandsphere for Audi.

For Audi, the future is a space – for ideas, innovations and designs. By re-thinking design and approaching it from inside out, the Audi Grandsphere concept demonstrates a human-centric experience, a personal sphere.

Audi, in collaboration with digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger introduce the car manufacturer’s first digital artwork at Design Miami/. The original piece is inspired by the Audi grandsphere concept; following Milan Design Week and two Chinese exhibitions in Beijing and Shenzhen, Design Miami/ is the fourth design exhibition Audi will have visited in 2022.

@Audi’s first digital artwork for Design Miami/ is a Grandsphere by @Andrés Reisinger

@Andrés Reisinger for @Audi Grandsphere

Audi has been a dedicated supporter of international design exhibitions for many years, and as of this year, is an exclusive partner of and an active exhibitor at Design Miami/.

Previously, the automotive company used this particular exhibition to experiment with mobility, technology and design to comment on the future of design, through creative dialogue with peers. This year, the Argentinian digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger will present a digital work of art on an LED wall at Audi’s exhibition stand.

“Audi believes in working together with like-minded people to create meaningful and fascinating experiences that will shape premium mobility and design. Together with Andrés Reisinger we will explore a sphere beyond a physical installation, digitally re-interpreting interior design.“ – Henrik Wenders (Head of Brand Audi).

@Audi Grandsphere concept

Digital art piece, inspired by the Audi Grandsphere concept

The digital art piece is inspired by the Audi grandsphere automotive concept. This approach illustrates the luxury brand’s stance on defining the progressive, premium mobility of the future. For Audi, this includes offering new high-class experiences made possible through the advancing digitalization in the vehicle interior, for instance the Audi Grandsphere concept transforms from a mere automobile into an “experience device.”

Automated driving at level 4 opens up new dimensions of freedom. In this mode, the interior of the luxury sedan transforms into a spacious experiential realm for drivers, with no steering wheel, pedals, or instruments. The space, architecture and features are shaped by the driver’s needs and desires and it is exactly this personal sphere that Reisinger replicated with his artwork, translating the immersive experiential world of the Audi grandsphere concept into his virtual world of architecture and color.

Reisinger has thus created a seemingly surreal scope that transcends the boundaries between realism and fiction, depicting the expanded reality that surrounds the passengers in the concept car.

Panel talk with Andrés Reisinger

An exclusive panel talk with the artist is also on the agenda at Design Miami/ – Tara Rush (CMO Audi of America), Arthur Casas (architect and founder of Studio Casas) and Immo Redeker (Team Leader Audi Interior Design) will also participate in the discussion alongside Reisinger. A conversation about designing fascinating new immersive spaces und experiences – ranging from digital spaces, new automotive mobility and interior concepts.

Andrés Reisinger (b. 1990) is one of the most sought-after digital artists of the 21st Century. He has conquered a unique position in contemporary culture, occupying and defining the fertile space between the digital and physical spheres. Originally from Argentina and currently residing in Barcelona where his studio is also based, Reisinger bridges realms with an instantly recognizable aesthetic that conveys a mesmerizingly clear vision.

Some of Reisinger’s most well known works include The Shipping and Arcadia, which both fetched rarely seen before figures at auctions, and Hortensia, the embodiment of Reisinger’s ethos and ever evolving artwork, born as digital rendering and transformed into rare design creation and incredibly popular contemporary object.

Reisinger’s works have drawn interest from a plethora of international collectors, brands, art galleries and museums alike. Reisinger has exhibited at leading institutions including the Moco Museum (Barcelona, ES), Palazzo Strozzi (Florence, IT), Design Museum Gent (Ghent, BE), Nilufar Gallery (Milan, IT), Collectible Fair (Brussels, BE), Faena Art (Miami, USA) and Christie’s (New York, USA).



Lexus unveiled Shaped by Air at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami), presenting a vision by acclaimed New York-based artist and architect Suchi Reddy, founder of Reddymade Architecture and Design, that draws inspiration from the Lexus Electrified Sport’s quality of being “shaped by air.” Reddy’s ethereal installation — her first public project in Miami — celebrates the collaborators’ shared commitment to human-centered, carbon-neutral and impeccably crafted design. On view through December 11th, it envisions the vehicle as shaped by mist and light, draws upon the curves of the vehicle’s design and incorporates foliage-inspired cutouts to suggest movement through nature.

Alongside the unveiling of Shaped by Air, Lexus is partnering with a number of arts and culture organizations throughout the week to further spotlight Reddy’s design. Lexus and Refraction — the largest artist-run-and-owned web3 community — will bring the installation on-chain into the web3 space. An NFT inspired by the installation will be available as a limited mint during Miami Art & Design Week.

@Audi’s first digital artwork for Design Miami/ is a Grandsphere